Philippine Legal Baseball Betting

Baseball made its way to the Philippines in the early 19th century when Americans first introduced it to the islands. The first Philippine baseball game was played in September 1898 just weeks after the Battle of Manila. During 1899-1900 baseball clubs were formed by local Filipino’s across the islands. Baseball is considered the Philippines’ first national pastime game and in recent years a re-emergence has occurred as more Filipino’s are looking to get involved in the sport.

Baseball is no longer played at a professional level in the Philippines, but they do have a national team, a striving little league, and an amateur level hosted by Baseball Philippines. Baseball was first thought to be a way to replace cockfighting or Sabong that was widespread across the country. International leagues are also popular in the Philippines for fans and bettors, with Korean Baseball betting, Nippon Baseball betting, and MLB betting options among the most active.  This page was constructed to explain the legality of baseball sports betting in the Philippines and how baseball fans can bet on their favorite team.

Is It Legal To Bet On Baseball In The Philippines?

Yes, local Filipino’s have two options for betting on baseball in the Philippines; domestic and offshore. Domestically Filipino’s can bet on baseball through bet shops set up by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) regulated MegaSportsWorld. MegaSportsWorld (MSW) has bet shops spread through the islands, most of their locations are around Manila and Quezon City but there is some spread into the more rural areas. Secondly, Filipino’s can bet with offshore online sportsbooks.

For a sportsbook to be considered legal in the Philippines it needs to be licensed and regulated by a trusted government agency. Online sportsbooks are popular because they offer betting lines from games all around the world. Domestic sportsbooks (MSW) are not allowed to offer betting on Philippine-based events so, while you can bet on American baseball at MSW locations you will not find Philippine match-ups there.

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Baseball Re-emerging In Philippines

Baseball was introduced while the Philippines were under American control. Since its initial conception in the Philippines the sport has fluctuated in popularity. The first Filipino player to play in the American professional league was Bobby Balcena in 1956. Baseball prospered in the Philippines until the mid-70’s when political conflicts among baseball officials caused the interest in the sport to decline.

Eventually, more kids started playing basketball and eventually due in part to lack of funding and television support, professional baseball in the Philippines disbanded. Today baseball is prospering once again in the Asean region. Baseball Philippines is the newest form of amateur baseball in the Philippines.

Philippine National Baseball Team

The Philippines national baseball team is organized by the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association and in recent years they have even placed in the Asean Games. While the national team has played in international competitions for almost 100 years the sport has had its ups and downs. The national team has won some medals in the Asean Championships and even finished first in 1954. Recent years have been more of a struggle for the national team, but they are in the mix just not producing like the earlier teams were.

Philippine Baseball Tournaments

The Philippine National baseball team has participated in many international tournaments since they were first introduced to the baseball world. The Asean Championship is a baseball tournament that the Philippine national team has participated in since 1954. While they have yet to repeat the gold that they were awarded in the tournament in 1956, they have managed to qualify and place throughout the years.

The national team has also had several appearances at the Asian Games, their first appearance was in 1998 and they walked away in 5th place. Other tournaments the national team has participated in over recent years include the SEA Games and Far Eastern Games.

International Baseball Betting

Baseball fans looking for odds on International leagues are in luck as numerous online sportsbooks offer odds on everything from the Major League Baseball (MLB) to the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). While the MLB has long been the most famous baseball league to bet on, there is good value when shopping for lines from other International leagues. The following leagues are often featured online at legal sportsbooks accepting Filipino bettors. 

  • MLB
  • KBO
  • Nippon

Little League World Series Scandal

In 1992, the Philippines played in the Little League World Series where they finished the game with 15-4 lead to be named the LLWS Champions. It was later discovered that the Filipino team violated the age limit rules and residency restrictions. Upon discovery, the team was stripped of their title and the game was awarded to the US team from Long Beach California. The Philippines have always taken pride in their athletics and continue to support their littlest players to this day.

Baseball Today In The Philippines

Today baseball is still played at an amateur level through the Baseball Philippines program. While there are not many teams and resources are limited, they are still keeping the tradition alive. The national team is about all that local Filipinos have for now if they are looking to play baseball domestically into their adulthood. While the sport may not be as popular as basketball or other Philippine sports there is an audience for it and baseball fanatics can watch their favorite Filipino players participate in American Major League Baseball (MLB).

Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium

The Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium is in Manila and holds approximately 10,000 fans. The stadium hosted several events that would become legendary baseball events over time. In 1934, the stadium was renamed to what is now known as today the Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium. That same year the Far Eastern Games were hosted at the stadium and Filipino’s got to watch Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in action. Both legendary players hit home runs that day making the game one of the highlights in the stadium’s history.

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