2023 PBA All-star Weekend Adopts New Drafting Format

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PBA All-star weekend

The 2023 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) All-Star weekend is adopting a new format like the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been doing for the past few years. 

The new format will now consist of two team captions nominated by popular vote who will then draft their team from a list of 22 voted-in players. The two teams will then compete in an exhibition game to entertain fans of the league. A coin flip will determine which captain gets to draft first. Coaches will also be voted in by popular vote.

The PBA is also considering allowing celebrities and influencers to play alongside players in the “rookie,” “sophomores,” and “juniors” games.

Previous PBA All-Star Format

The previous format for the PBA All-Star contest was a north versus south matchup with voted-in All-Stars from around the league. In addition to the exhibition game, there is a slam dunk contest, a three-point contest, and an obstacle competition. 

It has been three years since the last PBA All-Star weekend took place. The past few All-Star contests have been delayed due to health concerns stemming from the Covid 19 virus. In 2019, the PBA and all games were scrapped due to the rising Covid 19 infections that swept the islands and other populated parts of the world. 

Can I Bet On The PBA Online?

Yes, Filipino bettors can wager at online sportsbooks that offer basketball betting odds. There are tons of sites that service the Philippines from offshore gambling jurisdictions. These sites are regulated and hold compliance certificates to assure bettors that they are operating fairly under the supervision of the local gaming regulators.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Online?

Philippine gambling laws state domestic sportsbooks are not allowed to accept wagers on domestic events, including the PBA and other popular Philippine sporting leagues. However, online sportsbooks operating offshore are permitted to offer sports betting online as there are no laws against betting online. 

When Is the PBA All-Star Game?

The PBA All-Star weekend is scheduled for March 10-12th and will conclude with the new format All-Star game. The weekend will also feature other matchups from the rookie, sophomore, and junior leagues, and the PBA is also considering several 3×3 matchups.

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