Manny Pacquiao Biography, Stats, and Career Highlights

Pacquiao for the winManny Pacquiao is one of the most well know professional fighters and the first fighter in the history of the sport of boxing to win seven world titles in seven different divisions. He grew up in Kibawe, Philippines and was the second oldest of his three siblings. Eventually, his family would relocate to General Santo City to find work.

While in General Santo City, Manny’s father would leave the family and Manny would discover boxing. At the age of 13, Manny was forced to quit school and work in the streets. A friend of Manny’s, Abner Cordero and his father, took him under their wing and formally introduced Manny to the sport of boxing.

At the age of 14, Manny was given the opportunity to fight in an amateur league in Manila. Knowing that his mom and siblings wouldn’t approve, he left his family a note and ran away to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional fighter.

Next Fight

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List Of Past Fights –

Result Opponent Type Round, time Date
N/A  Adrien Broner N/A – (12) Jan 19, 2019
Win  Lucas Matthysse TKO 7 (12), 2:43 Jul 15, 2018
Loss  Jeff Horn UD 12 Jul 2, 2017
Win  Jessie Vargas UD 12 Nov 5, 2016
Win  Timothy Bradley UD 12 Apr 9, 2016
Loss  Floyd Mayweather Jr. UD 12 May 2, 2015
Win  Chris Algieri UD 12 Nov 23, 2014
Win  Timothy Bradley UD 12 Apr 12, 2014
Win  Brandon Ríos UD 12 Nov 24, 2013
Loss  Juan Manuel Márquez KO 6 (12), 2:59 Dec 8, 2012
Loss  Timothy Bradley SD 12 Jun 9, 2012
Win  Juan Manuel Márquez MD 12 Nov 12, 2011
Win  Shane Mosley UD 12 May 7, 2011
Win  Antonio Margarito UD 12 Nov 13, 2010
Win  Joshua Clottey UD 12 Mar 13, 2010
Win  Miguel Cotto TKO 12 (12), 0:55 Nov 14, 2009
Win  Ricky Hatton KO 2 (12), 2:59 May 2, 2009
Win  Oscar De La Hoya RTD 8 (12), 3:00 Dec 6, 2008
Win  David Díaz TKO 9 (12), 2:24 Jun 28, 2008
Win  Juan Manuel Márquez SD 12 Mar 15, 2008
Win  Marco Antonio Barrera UD 12 Oct 6, 2007
Win  Jorge Solís KO 8 (12), 1:16 Apr 14, 2007
Win  Érik Morales KO 3 (12), 2:57 Nov 18, 2006
Win  Óscar Larios UD 12 Jul 2, 2006
Win  Érik Morales TKO 10 (12), 2:33 Jan 21, 2006
Win  Héctor Velázquez TKO 6 (12), 2:59 Sep 10, 2005
Loss  Érik Morales UD 12 Mar 19, 2005
Win  Narongrit Pirang TKO 4 (12), 1:26 Dec 11, 2004
Draw  Juan Manuel Márquez SD 12 May 8, 2004
Win  Marco Antonio Barrera TKO 11 (12), 2:56 Nov 15, 2003
Win  Emmanuel Lucero KO 3 (12), 0:48 Jul 26, 2003
Win  Serikzhan Yeshmagambetov TKO 5 (10), 1:52 Mar 15, 2003
Win  Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym KO 1 (12), 2:46 Oct 26, 2002
Win  Jorge Eliecer Julio TKO 2 (12), 1:09 Jun 8, 2002
Draw  Agapito Sánchez TD 6 (12), 1:12 Nov 10, 2001
Win  Lehlohonolo Ledwaba TKO 6 (12), 0:59 Jun 23, 2001
Win  Foijan Prawet KO 6 (12), 2:40 Apr 28, 2001
Win  Tetsutora Senrima TKO 5 (12), 1:06 Feb 24, 2001
Win  Nedal Hussein TKO 10 (12), 1:48 Oct 14, 2000
Win  Seung-Kon Chae TKO 1 (12), 1:42 Jun 28, 2000
Win  Arnel Barotillo KO 4 (12) Mar 4, 2000
Win  Reynante Jamili KO 2 (12) Dec 18, 1999
Loss  Medgoen Singsurat TKO 3 (12), 1:32 Sep 17, 1999
Win  Gabriel Mira TKO 4 (12), 2:45 Apr 24, 1999
Win  Todd Makelim TKO 3 (10), 2:52 Feb 20, 1999
Win  Chatchai Sasakul KO 8 (12), 2:54 Dec 4, 1998
Win  Shin Terao TKO 1 (10), 2:59 May 18, 1998
Win  Narong Datchthuyawat KO 1 (12), 1:38 Dec 6, 1997
Win  Melvin Magramo UD 10 Sep 13, 1997
Win  Chokchai Chockvivat KO 5 (12), 2:46 Jun 26, 1997
Win  Ariel Austria TKO 6 (10) May 30, 1997
Win  Wook-Ki Lee KO 1 (10), 1:04 Apr 24, 1997
Win  Mike Luna KO 1 (10), 1:56 Mar 3, 1997
Win  Sung-Yul Lee TKO 2 (10), 1:51 Dec 28, 1996
Win  Ippo Gala TKO 2 (10) Jul 27, 1996
Win  Bert Batiller TKO 4 (10) Jun 15, 1996
Win  John Medina TKO 4 (10) May 5, 1996
Win  Marlon Carillo UD 10 Apr 27, 1996
Loss  Rustico Torrecampo KO 3 (10), 0:29 Feb 9, 1996
Win  Lito Torrejos TD 5 (10) Jan 13, 1996
Win  Rolando Toyogon UD 10 Dec 9, 1995
Win  Rudolfo Fernandez TKO 3 (10) Nov 11, 1995
Win  Renato Mendones TKO 2 (8) Oct 21, 1995
Win  Lolito Laroa UD 8 Oct 7, 1995
Win  Armando Rocil KO 3 (8) Sep 16, 1995
Win  Acasio Simbajon UD 6 Aug 3, 1995
Win  Dele Decierto TKO 2 (6), 2:41 Jul 1, 1995
Win  Rocky Palma UD 6 May 1, 1995
Win  Pinoy Montejo UD 4 Mar 18, 1995
Win  Edmund Enting Ignacio UD 4 Jan 22, 1995

Manila Amature Boxing

Once in Manila, Manny was forced to live in the training gym because of his financial situation. At first, Manny was unable to make living boxing and had to resort to scraping metal in a junkyard. Eventually, he would get an offer to appear on a national boxing show called “blow by blow”.

Early Professional Career

On January 22, 1995, Manny would make his professional boxing debut on the show at the age of 16. He was quick to grab attention because of his explosive style and determination. Manny was praised for his offense and quick attack that would eventually become his staple in the boxing industry.

After several years in Manila and 23 wins under his belt, Manny would eventually get a title fight in Thailand. Manny would eventually win the bout and become the new WBC Flyweight champion. This fight would win him notoriety back in the Philippines and set Manny up for bigger and better things.

Journey To The USA

In early 2001, Manny left the Philippines for the United States in pursuit of bigger fights. He landed in San Francisco but had a hard time finding a promoter willing to spend time and risk the investment in his skills. Eventually, Manny would discover the Wildcard Gym and trainer Freddy Roach.

Start Of A Legacy

Manny’s first fight in the USA was a pick-up fight where he filled in for a guy who dropped out. He had two weeks to prepare for his fight against Super Bantamweight title holder Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. The fight would end with Manny delivering a knockout blow in the 6th round. The fight brought a lot of attention to Manny in the United States and would lead to many more professional boxing bouts with trainer Freddy Roach.

Career Highlights

Marco Barrera – On November 15th, 2003, Manny put on his gloves to fight Marco Barrera in what would later be known as the fight that jump-started Manny’s career. Manny won the fight with a TKO in the 11th round making him the first Filipino to become a three-division world champion.

Erik Morales – On March 19th, 2005, Manny fought Morales, a three-division champion, for the Super featherweight title. Manny would lose the fight to a decision but would bounce back and defeat Morales two times over the course of his career.

Oscar De La Hoya – In December of 2008, Manny would move up to the welterweight division for a bout against De La Hoya. Many people doubted Manny could keep up in a higher weight class, but Manny proved them all wrong when he dominated the fight and forced De La Hoya’s corner to throw in the towel after eight rounds.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – On May 2nd, 2015, Manny would fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in what would become one of the biggest grossing fights of the modern boxing era and billed as the “Fight of the Century”. In the end, Mayweather got the victory due to a decision, but many fans felt like Manny won the fight. After the fight, Manny told reporters that he thought he had won the fight. He said he fought bigger and caught him more times then he caught him. To this day, many fans dispute the judge’s decision of the fight.

After the fight, there were rumors swirling that Mayweather took performance-enhancing drugs among other things. There is also evidence that Mayweather took a shot after the weigh-in to rehydrate himself faster. Not long after Manny’s fight with Mayweather, he announced he would be taking a break from the sport.

Senator Pacquiao’s Comeback

Senator PacquiaoAfter being elected Senator in the Philippines Manny would make his return to the sport that brought him fame and fortune. On November 5th, 2015, Manny fought Jessie Vargas and won the WBO welterweight title for the third time by a unanimous decision.

Jeff Horn – On July 2nd, 2017, Manny would fight Jeff Horn in what was billed as the “Battle of Brisbane”. The fight would go down to a judges decision in which Jeff Horn was awarded the victory. Fans did not like the decision due to what they saw and to this day, many people still believe Pacquiao won the fight. Manny announced after the fight that he respects the judge’s decision and would be soon enacting the rematch clause.

Manny has recently called for a fight with many top names in boxing and in the mixed martial arts world. Manny has been asking for a rematch with Mayweather Jr. and recently started provoking a fight online with Conor McGregor.

Humanitarian Work

Since the start of his career, Manny has always had the interest of others in his mind. From sending his mom money from the fights he won to protecting his little brother from bullies at school, Manny has always been there for his family and others in need. Over the course of his decorated boxing career, Manny has estimated that he has given away at least $200 million USD for charity reasons. Below you will find some of his humanitarian efforts and accolades that he has received over the years.

  • Built over 1,000 homes for poor Filipinos
  • Helped in recovery efforts after Mindanao typhoon
  • Helped local fishermen purchase new boats
  • Bought Manila gym and built dorms for amateur Filipino boxers
  • Donates 1 million PHP to GenSan Hospital after every fight.
  • Named Habitat Hero Ambassador for HFH Philippines