Philippines Legal Soccer Betting

Soccer or better known in the Philippines as football is the second most popular sport in the Philippines right behind basketball. It is no surprise that Philippines legal soccer betting has gained a lot of momentum among fans. The sport was first introduced to the Philippines around 1895 by English sportsmen. The first few teams were formed right before the Spanish-American war and was soon disbanded when the Americans began to attack ships docked in Manila. Soon after the war, six teams were established, and the first official football match was held in Manila in 1907.

The first football trophy was donated by then US President Howard Taft. Today soccer is still very popular and there is a national team, multiple regional clubs, and a United Football League. Legally betting on Soccer in the Philippines is popular among the nation’s residents, and can be accessed through a legally licensed offshore sportsbook or through the nation’s brick and mortar bookmaker, MSW.

Is It Legal To Bet On Soccer In The Philippines?

Yes, it is legal to bet on football with offshore sportsbooks or at the domestic sportsbook MegaSportsWorld (MSW). But even though MSW has a limited online betting component of its own, players often use online offshore sportsbooks to bet on Filipino events. These books have more odds for every contest, and unlike MSW, they are open to all Filipino gamblers at just 18 and up, regardless of income or “VIP” status. Online Philippine legal soccer betting delivers more options for bettors to wager on and better incentives. When betting online, expect to find multiple bonuses and the freedom to bet whenever and wherever you choose. Domestic sportsbooks are great for international events but online you can find the same international events and Philippine sporting events.

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Legal Online Betting On Philippines Football

In the Philippines, bettors can legally bet online with licensed offshore sportsbooks. Domestic online sportsbooks are also legal but cannot offer their services to anyone located within the nation’s borders. There are multiple Philippine legal online sports betting sites that will accept Filipino players and offer several advantages for betting at their site. Bonuses are prevalent with online sportsbooks and you are likely to find a variety of Philippine sports on which to bet, including basketball, boxing, and soccer. Some of the bonuses you are likely to find online are: sign-up bonus, reload bonus and seasonal special promotions.

There is also a wide range of wagering options available online including: Moneyline, over/under, futures bets, live betting, parley betting, prop bets and more. Philippine bettors often take advantage of the online bonuses and the convenience that comes with online and mobile sportsbooks. Our Philippine online sportsbooks reviews offer informative pages relevant to our favorite online sportsbooks, it contains valuable information for anyone looking for a legally sanctioned, secure and high-quality online sports betting destination that accepts Filipino players.

Domestic Betting On Philippine Football

Domestic sports betting in the Philippines is limited to MegaSportsWorld (MSW) in-person and online sportsbooks. MSW is the preeminent sportsbook with many locations across the region. They offer many international sports, but not as many as offshore venues. This is something very avid soccer bettors should keep in mind. Retail MSW locations are often located in close proximity to casinos or other betting facilities and are easily accessible during business hours. Cashiers are always on site and can help bettors with deposit or payout procedures.

MegaSportsWorld has been in business for over a decade and is the number 1 source for domestic sports betting in the Philippines. As of 2022, MSW also offers an online sportsbook, but this is limited to established VIP members in high income brackets and who are at least 21 years of age. The best offshore sportsbooks, however, accept Filipino soccer bettors at just 18 and up and have no income threshold restrictions of any kind.

Philippine Football Federation

The Philippine Football Federation is the governing body for all football in the Philippines. Founded in 1907 as the Philippine Amateur Football Association it was among the 12 founding Asian football associations. In 1961 organizers officially changed the name and established the Philippine Football Association, later re-named the Philippine Football Federation in 1982. The federation has been through several presidents and has moved headquarters a few times in recent years but is still the governing body for all Philippine football leagues across the nation.

United Football League And Philippines Football League

The United Football league (UFL) was the Philippines primary football league and was divided into two divisions with 9 teams in division 1, and 12 teams in division 2. The league started as a semi-professional tournament in 2009 and lasted until the end of the 2016 season when it was announced that the Philippines Football League(PFL) would replace the tournament as a professional association football league. The PFL’s inaugural season begun on April 21st, 2017. There are currently 6 teams in the PFL and 1 division. The UFL has expressed interest in serving as the second-tier competition or youth league to the PFL. PFL teams are required to have a certified home stadium and access to a training field and facilities.

International Philippine Football

The Philippine National Football Team (Azkals) has been playing international football since 1913. Despite being one of the oldest football teams in Asia they have never qualified for a FIFA World Cup or Asian Cup. Japan and China have both been long-term rivals and still are to this day. In the mid-1950’s funding for the national team was scarce and the sport took a big hit when players started switching to more lucrative sports, mainly basketball. In recent years the national team has fallen off a bit in the rankings but a renewed interest in the sport is looming. Filipinos can legally bet on the World Cup and other international sporting events with the use of licensed offshore sportsbooks.

Philippine Woman’s Football

The Philippine Woman’s National Football League was established in 1980 and is still played today. They have consistently played many tournaments and even placed 3rd in the 1995 Southeast Asia Games. The woman’s national team will soon make their first appearance in the AFC Woman’s Asian Cup in 2018 and are already rallying support for the 2019 FIFA Woman’s World Cup.

Sports Betting History In The Philippines

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when sports betting became such a predominant thing, but it is known the Philippines and gambling has a long history together. It was recorded that when Ferdinand Magellan first explored the Philippines in 1521, he and his men witnessed bets being placed on cockfights. He also noted that Philippine people placed outrageous bets. In 1903 betting was first introduced into the sport of horse racing and was soon authorized legally by the government of the Philippines. Many sports including basketball and football were first introduced near the turn of the 19th century so it is believed that illegal sports betting originated near that time. Since sports betting was illegal there are no written records to pinpoint an exact location or time that sports betting became prevalent. Our guide to Philippine legal horse betting or Philippine legal mobile sportsbooks is a great place to start when looking for sites that will accept Filipino players.

Resources For Filipino Soccer Fans

Philippine Football Federation Official Website

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