Legal Korean Baseball Betting in the Philippines

KBO Baseball logoThe KBO League isn’t just popular in South Korea. In fact, Korean baseball is now one of the three most popular baseball organizations in the world, trending right alongside Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB, aka Japanese baseball) and just behind the US’ Major League Baseball (MLB) in terms of betting volume. Though baseball isn’t the most popular gambling sport in the Philippines, MSW sports betting retailers do offer odds on the occasional Korean baseball game.

That said, MegaSportsWorld does not provide the most comprehensive range of betting lines or odds for KBO games for Philippine bettors and if you want the best selection of KBO odds to choose from during the season, you’ll need to hone your baseball betting strategy at the best sports betting sites operating offshore. Our recommended sportsbooks offer the best Korean baseball betting in the Philippines.

Our baseball betting guide will help Filipino punters (bunters?) step up to the plate at the best offshore gambling sites, where they can score on every game of the KBO season legally and safely.

Is It Legal To Bet On The KBO League In The Philippines?

Yes, it is! Just like you can participate in Major League Baseball betting and NPB betting in the Philippines, you can also wager on the KBO.

Filipinos have two legal options to bet on Korean baseball: They can wager in-person or online at a retail MSW sportsbook, or they can use offshore baseball betting websites like those listed on this page. Because domestic online sports betting is very limited in the Philippines, these International betting sites are effectively like POGOs for Philippine bettors, and they’re much more inclusive.

While such sites are not regulated by PAGCOR, they remain completely safe and legal for PH residents and visitors to use, and they offer far more Korean baseball odds than MSW can offer, including live betting and mobile betting.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites For Legal KBO Betting In The Philippines

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Where to Legally Bet on KBO Baseball in the Philippines

While MegaSportsWorld does offer some options for Korean baseball betting odds and lines, international online sportsbooks are still the better options for accessing the most competitive odds and paylines. They also provide the added convenience of online access from any computer or mobile device for all players aged 18 and up (MSW is 21+ only).  The sportsbooks listed on this page all welcome Filipino bettors and offer a strong selection of KBO betting lines and odds. To top it off you can also find betting odds for Nippon Professional Baseball as well as other international leagues.

What Is KBO Baseball?

The KBO League is the highest level of professional baseball in South Korea. For those wondering about the KBO meaning, the initials stand for “Korean Baseball Organization,” and the league was founded in 1982. There are 10 KBO teams from across the country, and its games are becoming popular for sports bettors the world over.

Casual Filipino baseball fans might be familiar with the KBO more for its penchant for Korean baseball cheerleaders and those highlight reels of “Korean sexiest baseball pitches”:

Of course, the KBO League isn’t just for gawkers, it’s also for gamblers. And despite the pageantry – and bat flips – for which the league is famous, it’s also of immense value to sports bettors. With tens of thousands of odds and lines posted each and every KBO season, there’s plenty of opportunity to make your way around the (money) bags and score big payouts!

2022 KBO League Season

The 2022 KBO season has been adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the league’s 39th season, it was supposed to open on March 28, 2021, but was delayed until May 5, as a result of Korean COVID-19 lockdowns.

However, because the lockdown only lasted about five weeks, the season is scheduled to run through October 18, as usual. Miraculously, no games were lost to the virus, as KBO League teams are all slated to play their full 144-game schedules.

2022 KBO League Betting Odds

2022 KBO Korean Series champion futures are finally up at the best Philippines-legal online sportsbooks! Plus, you can bet on daily odds for every game, including plenty of props in addition to the main betting lines, so please remember to check your favorite sportsbook every day.

Odds To Win KBO League 2022

Via BetOnline

  • NC Dinos +200
  • Kiwoom Heroes +225
  • Doosan Bears +600
  • LG Twins +600
  • KIA Tigers +1200
  • KT Wiz +1200
  • Lotte Giants +1200
  • Samsung Lions +2500
  • SK Wyverns +10000
  • Hanwha Eagles +25000

How To Bet On KBO Baseball In The Philippines

When it comes to betting strategy, baseball gambling on KBO action is the same as betting on any other popular sport in the Philippines.

The main baseball betting advice we can offer is to follow the Korean baseball standings, research individual player and team stats, never risk more than you can afford to lose, and, of course, understand the different kind of wagers you’re likely to come across. These include the following:

KBO Straight Bets (Moneyline Bets)

Straight baseball bets simply ask you to pick a winner. Favorites have negative moneylines and pay out less than underdogs, which have positive moneylines and pay out more than favorites.

KBO Run-Line Bets (Spread Bets)

Baseball runlines are called spread bets in most other sports. The runline is usually set at -1.5 runs for the favorite and +1.5 points for the underdog. This means that the favored KBO team must win by at least two runs for the wager to pay out, while the underdog can lose by up to one run (or win outright) to win the wager.

KBO Totals Bets (Over/Under Bets)

Totals bets require Filipino bettors to pick whether or not both KBO clubs will combine to score more runs (“over”) or fewer runs (“under”) than the number published by the PH sportsbook. Both wagers usually have the same or similar payouts.

KBO 5-Inning Line Bets

Five-inning lines are straight bets, runline bets, and totals that vest after five innings of play. These are like halftime bets in other sports. In baseball betting, a 5-inning line allows gamblers to focus on starting pitching, as such bets tend to take the bullpen out of the equation.

KBO Player Prop Bets

Player props are bets on individual KBO player performances within a given contest. You can bet on things like how many Ks a pitcher will rack up, how many hits the DH will get, and so on. Different Philippine-friendly sportsbooks often have different props, so always remember to shop lines!

 KBO Team Prop Bets

Korean baseball team props are just like player props, but they focus on team performances outside of simply winning the game. Common KBO team props will be on things like how many HRs a given club hits, how many errors a team’s fielders commit, and so on. Again, shop odds across different sites to find the best team proposition bets.

KBO Futures Bets

KBO futures are like season-long props, or wagers on outcomes that can take weeks or months to be settled. Common KBO futures include picking the winner of the Korean Series before the season even starts, picking which player will win the KBO League MVP, which player will win the KBO Choi Dong-won Award, and more. The earlier you place your futures bets, the bigger your payouts will be.

Philippines KBO Mobile Betting

You can bet on the KBO via mobile, which is even more convenient than using your desktop or laptop computer. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether you want to make iPhone sports bets, Android sports bets, or wagers via any other mobile platform, because there are no apps to download when using legal offshore betting sites.

Instead, the best sports betting apps are actually web apps, as all the top bookmakers use browser-based solutions. There’s nothing to download or update, and your mobile browser is inherently more secure than those on your other computing devices.

Simply visit any site here using a reasonably modern mobile, and you’ll get a dynamic betting experience that uses responsive design technology to give you a custom sportsbook interface that is perfect for quick odds browsing and one-touch betting.

Live KBO League Betting In The Philippines

The baseball betting software at the top Philippine online sportsbooks is blazing fast, allowing for bettors in the islands to make live, in-game wagers on KBO games.

However, because these lines shift inning to inning, it’s important that you either watch KBO games live or keep track of Korean baseball live scores via the Internet. Most books will have scoring updates, but they will not be informative enough to make savvy baseball bets.

Live KBO betting can give you hundreds of extra odds and lines for each game. You can also place in-game bets to recover bad pre-game wagers or double down (or triple down) on home-run bets for even bigger winnings!

To make the best live KBO bets, we suggest you follow the games at or watch Korean baseball live streams using the ESPN website or app.

About the KBO League

For those of you who are new to this league – we’ve provided some information to help you get familiar with Korean baseball and the aspects that are unique to this league.

Korean Baseball League Rules

If you’ve never bet on the KBO before, it’s important that you understand the basics about the sport in terms of what separates it from the MLB. Fortunately, PH bettors gamble on the Majors regularly, and there are only two major differences between the leagues’ rulebooks.

  1. In KBO baseball, the DH is universal, meaning every team gets to use a designated hitter (usually for the pitcher’s spot in the lineup). While the MLB is testing a universal DH rule for the 2020 season, it may not be permanent.

For bettors, the key takeaway is that KBO pitchers don’t have to hit, so contests should be slightly higher-scoring than MLB games. The universal DH affects totals bets and player and team baseball props as a result.

  1. Like the NPB, KBO games can end in a tie. In Major League Baseball, games are played until a winner emerges, with some contests lasting longer than 20 or more innings.

In the KBO, if a game is tied after nine innings, the teams will play three extra innings. If the game is still tied after extras, it is declared a tie. When betting on Korean baseball, you will often see an extra betting line where you can put money on a tied outcome (as in soccer betting).

KBO League Season Structure

The annual KBO schedule is comprised of 144 games for each of the league’s 10 teams, for a total of 720 games. Each team plays each other team 16 times, so late-season Filipino bettors can gain a valuable edge once rivalries and KBO win-loss records in specific series are established.

One of the key rules when it comes to how to bet on baseball is to look at the data, and this scheduling parity makes that easy for Philippine punters looking to win big at the best sports betting sites.

The Korean baseball season typically starts in late March, has an all-star break in mid-July, and concludes in early October with the Korean Series.

KBO League Playoffs Format

The KBO postseason is structured much differently than the Major League Baseball postseason or Japanese baseball postseason. In the MLB and the NPB, the playoffs require every team to earn its way to the next rounds before the last two teams face off for the championship.

However, as all Philippines baseball bettors should be aware, the KBO playoffs are much more unique. Simply put, the Korean baseball playoffs have four rounds, and they work like this, based on the KBO regular season standings:

  • Wild Card – 4th-place and 5th-place teams play a best-of-three series
  • Semi-Playoff – Winner of Wild Card plays 3rd-place team in best-of-five series
  • Playoff – Winner of Semi-Playoff plays 2nd-place team in best-of-five series.
  • Korean Series – Winner of Playoff plays 1st-place team in best-of-seven series.

Postseason KBO games can end in ties if both teams are even after 15 innings of play. In this way, the Wild Card could go more than three games, the next two rounds could go more than five games each, and the Korean Series could last more than seven games, though this is rare. Still, you can usually find betting odds on such occurrences.

KBO League Teams

There are 10 Korean baseball teams in the KBO, and nine of them are owned by their national Korean corporate sponsors, while one club – the Heroes – leases its name to a new sponsor every few years.

  • Doosan Bears – Seoul (Jamsil Baseball Stadium)
  • Hanwha Eagles – Daejeon (Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park)
  • Kia Tigers – Gwangju (Gwangju-Kia Champions Field)
  • Kiwoom Heroes – Seoul (Gocheok Sky Dome)
  • KT Wiz – Suwon, Gyeonggi (Suwon KT Wiz Park)
  • LG Twins – Seoul (Jamsil Baseball Stadium)
  • Lotte Giants – Busan (Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium)
  • NC Dinos – Changwon, Gyeongnam (Changwon NC Park)
  • Samsung Lions – Daegu (Daegu Samsung Lions Park)
  • SK Wyverns – Incheon (Incheon SK Happy Dream Park)

In the Philippines betting market, the Doosan Bears Korean baseball club is the most popular and most wagered on, despite not being the most successful club. That honor belongs to the Kia Tigers, who have won 11 Korean Series to date.

However, as of the 2020 KBO season, the Doosan Bears have six championships of their own, most recently winning the title in 2019.