Legal Philippine Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports IconAlthough virtual sports have been around for many years, only recently have they seen a spike in popularity. They offer convenient betting options at all hours of the day and can give bettors the thrill of live gaming action without the investment of several hours into a ballgame or a race. But is it legal for Filipino punters to wager on virtual sports?

Our extensive guide will cover the legalities of virtual sports betting and will also detail the best betting sites the web has to offer. We’ll also define what virtual sports are and how they differ from other varieties of simulated gameplay. Make your virtual sports fantasy come true and learn how to cash in on the hottest simulated sports action on the web today.

Is Betting On Virtual Sports Legal In The Philippines?

Yes, it is legal to wager on virtual sports while inside the borders of the Philippines. Filipinos have the option of local sportsbooks regulated by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). However, these land-based facilities do not offer online wagering or betting on virtual sports just yet.

If you prefer wagering online from the comfort of your own home, then that option is available to you as long as it is done via an offshore sportsbook operating legally online. The Philippine government does not offer online gaming to its residents (POGOs are limited to foreign clientele), but no Filipino gambling laws are being broken by using an offshore betting site.  Any of the top-rated sites listed below fall under that category and are legal to wager with.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites For Filipino Players

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Where Can I Bet On Virtual Sports In The Philippines?

Virtual sports betting is not yet available at land-based sportsbooks that are located within the borders of PH. But no worries! Online betting sites are an option for local bettors to consider. These offshore betting sites offer a full spectrum of virtual sports to wager on via a personal computer or mobile device. We stand behind the online sportsbooks that are listed above and highly recommend that they be your first stop when venturing into the world of virtual sports betting on the internet.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports are simulated competitions where no human element is involved, unlike traditional sports betting in the Philippines that is based on actual games, events, and players. The AI opponents compete in a digital virtual sports arena that is defined by the parameters of the sport or race that it is replicating. Although names are applied to the leagues, teams, and players involved in the competition, they are entirely fictional, though they are usually referential to their real-world counterparts.

The actions of the “athletes” are controlled by the random numeric data processed by the computer software. Results are generated and are produced in a video game-like form that allows bettors to watch the action unfold. Longer contests are abbreviated and shown in the form of a series of clips, but races are typically shown from start to finish. Below is a list of the most popular virtual games on the market today.

Types Of Virtual Sports Games To Bet On

Team Sports

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

Racing Games

  • Auto Racing
  • Camel Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Motorcycle Racing

How Do Filipinos Bet On Virtual Sports

The first thing PH bettors need to decide is which virtual sport they want to wager on. Select the game of your choice, and you’ll be transported to a page that features a video feed on top with betting lines underneath. If a competition is already in play, allow it to conclude and wait for the odds to be revealed for the next contest.

There are time buffers between each virtual game to allow for betting. Team sports will feature spreads, totals, and straight moneyline odds. Races provide odds for the final placement of each contestant (win/place/show), as well as trifectas and exactas.

Betting Odds For Virtual Sports

The virtual sports betting odds offered by sportsbooks will be very similar to the lines provided on the sport that they are reproducing. Below are what bettors can expect when browsing the betting lines for virtual games.

Team Competitions

  • Straight bets for the victor and halftime leader
  • Totals for combined teams and for individual team performances
  • Lead margins for halftime and end of game results
  • Exact score predictions

Virtual Racing

  • Odds for Win, Place, and Show
  • Exactas
  • Trifectas
  • Specials/Props

Virtual Sports, eSports, And Video Game Sims: Is There A Difference?

Wagering on simulated sports has recently exploded in popularity, but for people who are new to these betting avenues, it can be a little confusing figuring out the differences between each. Below, we have detailed the critical differences between each of the three most popular simulated sports betting methods.

Virtual Sports

Virtual games are contested through computer software using random data to perform the actions of the competitors. There is no human element to the gameplay. The data is inserted, and bettors can watch the action on their mobile devices. The games look similar to modern video games but fictional, though they do refer to the teams they mimic in some statistical fashion. Odds are offered for each contest, and you can consult the total historical data of each “season” before every game to help you make an informed wager. Because these games happen so quickly, entire seasons can be held in a single day of betting.


Betting on eSports involves wagering on popular video game competitions between human opponents. Games are played using popular franchises like Madden for football, FIFA for soccer, and NBA2K for basketball, and so on. Odds are based on a combination of the makeup of the teams chosen to compete and the prowess of the human gamers controlling the action. Unlike virtual sports, these games are full-length and can be viewed via an online stream (usually via Twitch), or sometimes even in-person at an arena.

Video Game Sports Sims

This relatively new phenomenon in the betting world has components of both eSports and virtual sports. It involves no human interaction, with all competitors controlled by computer software, but the athletes and teams are designed to reflect real teams and players, and the games are all run through popular global video game franchises (Madden, NBA2K, et al.).

Betting lines at Philippines sports sim betting sites are based on the skills and team makeup of real sports entities, replete with real player names, team names, logos, and more. An additional betting dynamic that is offered with video game sims are weather conditions. For instance, if a football game will be snowy, then it will likely be a run-heavy, low-scoring affair, and you should bet accordingly.

Are Virtual Sports Rigged? Can I Trust The Results At Online Betting Sites?

When you are betting on virtual sports at one of our top-rated, Philippines friendly sportsbooks, the results can be trusted and are heavily regulated to ensure fair play. The random numeric data is not controlled by any human element, and the software is held to the highest standards to guarantee trustworthy results. Stick with our preferred list of betting sites for the safest online betting experience.

Virtual Sports Betting Apps

The PH government does not allow for facilities inside of their borders to offer online gaming, but it does allow for the use of regulated offshore sportsbooks operating on the web. These offshore sportsbooks do not offer traditional gambling apps that can be downloaded through the Google Play or App Store.

Instead, the best Philippine online sportsbooks provide web apps that can be accessed using major mobile web browsers such as Safari or Chrome, and then simply navigating to the virtual sports that you want to bet on. The embedded technology is designed to conform to the size of any mobile device screen (iPhone, Android, etc.) and offers all the bells and whistles of a real money gambling app. There’s no need for an obnoxious download or update – just navigate to the game you like, and the sports betting site handles the rest.

Virtual Sports Betting Tips

One convenient aspect of virtual sports is that you do not have to become a member of an offshore sportsbook to have a look at the goings-on. Observe the action and related betting lines as much as possible to gain an edge on the house. Watching the competition through to conclusion while keeping an eye on the betting lines is the best advice we can give for virtual sports betting. That, and you should always be sure to look at the season’s backlog of results, which are usually linked right from the betting menu.

Then register at multiple sportsbooks so that you can shop the lines for the best possible odds.  You don’t have to actually make a deposit until you are ready to place your bets – so shop first – then deposit and place your bets.

Experience is paramount when it comes to virtual sports, and you can’t get much by blowing all your pesos on the first contest. One of the best virtual sports tips is to set a max bet limit of 3% of your bankroll. It’ll keep you in the game longer, and it will protect your assets while allowing for maximum betting exposure.

Virtual Sports FAQs

Q. Can Philippine Pesos Be Used To Bet On Virtual Sports?

A. Yes, but you’ll have to convert it to USD or cryptocurrency first. Financial options available for our top-rated offshore sportsbooks include major credit and debit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins, with cryptocurrency delivering best combination of deposit speed, benefits, security, and same-day payouts. And with crypto, there are never any added transfer fees!

Q. Are virtual sports fixed?

A. No, virtual sports are regulated to the same degree that other casino games are and offer results that can be trusted. There is a chance that an unscrupulous vendor could take advantage of players, but that will not happen if you stick to our list of recommended sportsbooks who have reputations built on years of fair play.

Q. What is a virtual sports bet?

A. A virtual sports bet is any wager that is placed on a virtual game. Betting lines resemble what sportsbooks would typically offer for the contest that is being reproduced virtually. Spreads, straights, totals, and racing placement are common lines, and since most games take place in just 5-10 minutes, betting opportunities for virtual sports are virtually endless.