Philippine Legal Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport were two players face-off against each other individually or with the use of a teammate. Teammate tennis is known as doubles, where single player face-off tennis is known as singles. Tennis as we know it dates back to at least the Middle Ages (the 1500’s) and derived from another similar game first played in France in the 12th century. Tennis has been played in the Philippines since the early 1900’s and the island country has already produced some great Filipino players. For everyone else, who can’t play, the game is a relaxing sport to follow. This page was written to focus on tennis betting in the Philippines and the multiple options they have for betting on the sport.

Is It Legal To Bet On Tennis In The Philippines?

Yes, Filipino’s can bet on tennis by means of online sportsbooks or with domestic bookmakers. The only Philippine gambling laws enacted by the government regarding sports betting is that domestic bookmakers can’t accept bets on Philippine events. This hinders domestic betting at the bet shops but as long as the event is held outside of the Philippines, domestic sportsbooks can accept wagers. Since tennis is a single or a doubles sport there are multiple ways a sports enthusiast can bet on tennis. Spread, money line and total betting are often associated with betting on the sport.

Best Philippine Legal Sports Betting Sites For Betting On Tennis

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Is It Legal To Bet On Tennis Online In The Philippines?

Yes, it is legal for Filipino residents to wager online with offshore online sportsbook, as long as they are licensed and regulated by a trusted gaming commission. Offshore sportsbooks often have more options or games to wager on versus a domestic sportsbook. Legal online sports betting services are also best regarded for their convenience, online bonuses, and promotions. The best thing about wagering online is that you can check your bets anytime, and anywhere. Offshore online sportsbooks offer betting lines on Philippine events such as tennis, basketball, boxing, and more.

Betting On Tennis With MegaSportsWorld

MegaSportsWorld (MSW) is a domestic sportsbook that has many locations spread out across the Philippines and also has an online MSW sportsbook service (which is limited to VIP gamblers aged 21+, making it less than ideal for regular Filipino bettors). MSW mostly offers sports betting at physical locations known as bet shops. MegaSportsWorld locations are licensed by PAGCOR and most of their bet shops are located near Manila or Quezon City. While there are some bet shops spread out into the rural areas most of the physical locations are close to a city with a significant population. MSW mainly offers popular domestic and international sports betting that appeals to Filipinos specifically (i.e. basketball, boxing, volleyball, and of course tennis!).

Tennis 101

There are multiple elements involved in the game of tennis. To play the game, players must have a tennis racquet, tennis balls, and a court to play. The court is separated by a net and outlines around the court represent what is in bounds and what is out of bounds. Players serve the ball to their opponent and the player who can put the ball in play last receives the points for that play. Tennis is known for their saying; game, set, match. This represents the point system. There are 4 points to obtain to win a game, 6 games represent a set, and in most cases, 3 sets represent a match.

Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is one sport that is closely associated with tournaments. Since tennis is a single or double player game, tournaments are used to award a winner and to distribute points for the modern-day ranking system. The singles matchups and doubles matches are split into two categories and players or teams duke it out for a chance to advance further in the tournament and earn more points. Today there are 4 tournaments that make up the Grand Slam.

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon

These tournaments give out the most ranking points for the sport of tennis. A player must keep advancing in a tournament to get the maximum amount of points. The ranking system is based on a world scale. Players don’t have to play every tournament if they don’t want too, it just affects the total amount of points they can be awarded for the year. Players with the better rankings get more sponsorship opportunities and better tournament positions.

Popular Philippine Tennis Players

Even though tennis has only been played in the Philippines for a little over 100 years the country has already produced some great players and conquered some amazing achievements. Felicisimo Ampon is widely considered the best Philippine tennis player to date. He represented the Philippines in the Davis Cup and is still the all-time Filipino leader for most singles and total wins in the tournament. Over his career, he won multiple gold medals in singles and doubles play. Today the Philippines have several professional players. Some of the country’s best active Filipino players are:

  • Treat Huey
  • Alberto Lim Jr.
  • Cecil Mamiit
  • Maika Rivera
  • Jeson Patrombon
  • Eric Taino

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