Philippine Legal Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the Philippines today. It was originally introduced during the American occupation of the Philippines in 1910. Taught by American teachers at the local YMCA and in the public-school system, it quickly became popular with women and men soon after. Today, Philippines legal basketball betting has become increasingly popular alongside the sport and Filipino’s can bet legally with licensed offshore sportsbooks or at the domestic sportsbook MegaSportsWorld.

The first men’s national team was formed in the early 1910’s and they consistently participated in the Eastern Championship Games. During the first 10 editions of the Eastern Championship Games, the Philippines won 9 out of 10 tournaments, only losing in 1921 to China. Basketball is still one of the most popular sports in the Philippines to this day and there are professional leagues, amateur leagues, and even an Olympic team.

Is It Legal To Bet On Basketball In The Philippines?

Yes, Filipinos can bet online with licensed offshore sportsbooks or at the domestic sportsbook MegaSportsWorld (MSW). Philippine gambling laws prevent MSW from offering sports betting on Philippine events but they do offer many international sporting events. At MSW, players can wager on NBA basketball and just about any sport you can think of outside of the Philippines.

Since Filipino’s really like to wager on Philippine events, a lot of bettors turn to online sportsbooks. Filipino’s can now bet online with Philippine legal online sports betting sites that accept customers from the region. There are also several incentives for playing online, players can take advantage of online bonuses and better betting lines. Online players also have the convenience of logging into their accounts and playing on their mobile phones or tablets.

The ease of playing online is really the best part, players don’t have to drive to a physical location and can bet on Philippine basketball and other Filipino events. Our guide to Philippine legal mobile sportsbooks is a good place to start when looking for more information about mobile betting sites.

Best Philippine Legal Sports Betting Sites For Betting On Basketball

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Legal Online Basketball Betting In The Philippines

Philippine residents can bet online with legally sanctioned offshore online sportsbooks. There are many sites that will accept Filipino players and some that will even offer up online bonuses and more. Domestic sportsbooks are not allowed to offer online services to residents or offer bets on Philippine events. This causes most bettors to play offshore online sportsbooks for several reasons. The first being that they can bet on events based in the Philippines such as PBA Basketball and others.

The second being that there are online bonuses that are not offered at domestic sportsbooks. Domestic sportsbooks usually do not offer bonuses and online they are frequent and plentiful. Bonuses are a great way to attract players to certain sites, games or events and players take full advantage of the bonuses offered up.

The third reason bettors prefer online sportsbooks is because they are convenient, not only can they play online or mobile, and they don’t have to go to a sports betting cafe to place a bet. There are clear advantages to playing sportsbooks online versus domestic sportsbooks. For our readers wanting to know the difference between top Filipinos online sportsbooks visit our Philippines online sportsbook reviews page.

Legal Basketball Betting At MegaSportsWorld

Betting at the domestic sportsbook MegaSportsWorld (MSW) in the Philippines is a privilege, not many countries offer a licensed and regulated domestic sportsbook to their residents. MegaSportsWorld offers sports betting on international events but are forbidden from offering betting options on Philippine events.

They have betting locations spread across all the different regions of the Philippines and they are usually located near the casinos or sometimes even in the casinos. They are the biggest legal domestic sportsbook in the Philippines and bettors can bet on NBA basketball or almost any other international sport you can think of.

Philippine Basketball Association

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the second oldest continuously existing basketball league in the world behind the American National Basketball Association (NBA). Its inaugural season was in 1975, and today there are 12 company-branded franchise teams. All franchises are owned by corporations and teams do not play in a home stadium.

There is no season champion, instead, there are 3 conference tournaments and if a team wins all three tournaments they are said to be the “Grand Slam” champions. Filipino’s can bet on the Commissioner’s Cup or any other PBA event with the use of offshore sportsbooks. A draft of players is held every year after the last tournament of the season and the opening ceremony is held before the start of each season.

PBA Philippine Cup

The Philippine Cup is considered the most prestigious of the three conference tournaments. The Jun Bernardino trophy is awarded to the winning team. It is a 24k gold plated trophy worth P500,000, the winning team gets to keep the trophy for 1 year afterward it is replaced by a smaller replica.

If a team wins the Philippine Cup three consecutive years in a row they can keep the Jun Bernardino trophy. Only two teams have ever won the tournament 3 consecutive times: TNT Tropang Texters, and San Miguel Beermen. The Philippine Cup does not allow foreign players.

Woman’s Philippine League And National Basketball Team

Basketball is incredibly popular among men and women, so much so that Filipino women formed their own league in 1998. The league was called the Woman’s Philippine Basketball League and consisted of 11 teams. It only operated for two years until it was put on a hiatus. In 2008 the league was revived to run alongside the PBA but due to unforeseen circumstances, the league shortly disbanded after the 2008 season.

The woman’s national team has been in existence since 1936 and they consistently take part in the FIBA Woman’s Asia Cup. The FIBA Woman’s Cup is a regional tournament that takes place every year among the Asian countries. China, Japan, and Australia are the clear heavyweights, but the Philippine Woman’s Nation Team has been consistently good since their conception.

NCAA Philippines Basketball

College basketball is the foundation for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). However, in the Philippines, there are several different collegiate leagues. The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), are considered the elite leagues but there are a few other potential contenders.

Today the Philippine Collegiate Champions League is a tournament for college teams to compete for the chance to be known as National Champions. There are 250 qualifying teams from different regional areas nationwide.

Resources For Filipino Basketball Fans

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