Philippine Legal Football Betting

PH FootballFootball is an American sport that is also known as gridiron. It evolved from soccer and rugby and turned into what the USA and Canada refer to as football. In the Philippines, they refer to the sport as American football and have their own league the Philippine-American Football League (PAFL). American football is not the most popular sport in the Philippines but with the introduction of the PAFL and a variety of options to legally bet on football in the Philippines, the popularity of the sport will grow.

Not only can Filipino’s watch their favorite Philippine teams, but they also have access to the American National Football League (NFL). Only time will tell if the PAFL will have a positive impact on Filipino’s and if football will become more prevalent among the sports that many of the youth play. This page was constructed to offer more info on Philippine-American football and the multiple ways residents can participate in sports betting in the Philippines.

Is Betting On Football Legal In The Philippines?

Yes, in the Philippines residents have two options for betting on football; domestic bookmakers and offshore sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks offer up money line, over/under, prop bets and more for the American NFL league but since the PAFL is still in its infancy it would be hard-pressed to find any Filipino matchups. Online sportsbooks usually have great incentives for betting on their site and many users take advantage of the bonus options and promotions. The Philippines island nation is an enthusiastic segment of the international NFL betting market.

Sports bettors also have domestic options for betting on NFL football in the Philippines. MegaSportsWorld (MSW) is a domestic bookmaker that is overseen by PAGCOR and also accepts bets on American football. While they lack the incentives, they do offer up a plethora of international sports that can be wagered on. However, online MSW services are very restrictive and unavailable to most players, so sports enthusiasts looking to wager on PAFL games are pretty much out of luck until the league gains more international notoriety and is included in the betting lines at the offshore sportsbooks.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Legally Betting On Football In The Philippines

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What Type Of Bets Are Placed On Football?

Football betting is one of the best ways for fans to get closer to the game in an interactive manner. There are a variety of different types of bets associated with football betting, some of the more popular bets placed on football are:

  • Moneyline – Money line bets have odds attached to them, the bet is won by winning the game outright.
  • Over/under – Players wager that the score will be over or under the predicted number, score, or outcome of the game. This method is also known as Totals or total betting.
  • Point spread – Bettors can bet on the favorite to win by more points or the underdog to lose by fewer points. The spread is usually set by the sportsbook to gain activity for both sides of the spread.
  • Prop bets –  prop bets are not associated with the score of the game, they can really be anything. Most bettors like to wager on prop bets based off a player’s performance.
  • Parlays – A parlay wager is a single wager on the outcome of a 2 or more games.  In order to win this bet, bettors must beat the spread on all of the games included in the parlay.
  • Live Betting In Game Betting – Most wagers must be finalized prior to the start of the football game.  However, in this type of wager, bettors may place their bets during the game.

National Football League (NFL)

NFL betting is popular around the world, and Filipinos can get in on the action with the assistance of offshore sportsbooks that offer NFL game lines, prop bets, live betting, and more. The Super Bowl is currently one of the biggest wagered-on sporting events in the world.

Philippine-American Football League

The Philippine-American Football League is currently awaiting the resumption of its fourth season, which was suspended in 2019 after just four games due to COVID-19.

The league consists of 7 teams, and games are played on Sunday at the Blue Pitch Circuit in Makati. The seasons – just five games before the brief PAFL playoff tournament – are short compared to the 17-game NFL season, but in time, there will be additional teams and games added to the fledgling league.

Uncertainly around the coronavirus has apparently delayed further action until 2022, but it looks like the PAFL – founded in 2016 – is still healthy and has high fan and bettor demand to keep it afloat.

Philippine Tackle Football League

Before the Philippine American Football League (PAFL) emerged, the Philippine Tackle Football League (PTFL) was active. The PTFL lasted for 6 seasons through 2009-2015. The league initially started as a 7 on 7 format but moved to an 11 on 11 format by the 3rd season.

The league eventually disbanded after all 5 teams withdrew from the league regarding league funding issues and a payment that was made to the president of the league. All the teams that withdrew from the PTFL joined the PAFL the following season.

PAFL Women’s Flag League

In addition to men’s football, the PAFL have also started a woman’s flag football league. The PAFL Women’s flag football league can be played by men and women but is usually played with just women.

The league consists of 5 teams that compete for a chance to win the Woman’s Passing League Tournament. The teams practice and play on Sundays usually before the men’s games. Observers and PAFL enthusiasts say that the sport is growing.

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