An Inside Look At MegaSportsWorld

MSW LogoMegaSportsWorld (MSW) is a legally licensed, domestically based sportsbook available to Filipino residents across the country. They offer brick-and-mortar sports betting on local, regional and international events and online betting odds to select customers rated as VIPs. Registered Filipino users can phone in bets to MSW locations or place wagers online if they meet certain financial requirements and are at least 21 years of age. MSW has over 100 outlets spread across the Philippines and are usually found in casinos and internet cafes. Players looking for local sports action are more likely to find what they are looking for at MSW.  However, players who enjoy betting on international sports may prefer to wager at offshore sportsbooks to find a wider range of betting lines and online bonuses. Also, you might want to check our guide to Philippine gambling laws if you have any legality concerns.

MSW VS Licensed Offshore Online Sportsbooks

MSW Online Sportsbooks
Access Over 100 physical locations across the Philippines, mobile app; 21+ Access online via laptop or mobile device; 18+
Betting Lines Local, regional and international sports offered Covers sports, leagues, matches and events from around the world
Wagering Options Straights, Spreads, Totals, Prop Bets Straights, Spreads, Totals, Parlays, Round Robins, Futuress, Prop Bets, Live In-Play Betting
Deposit method options Cash or Credit Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Bitcoin, altcoins, e-Wallets, Cashier’s Checks, Wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, and more
Payouts Cashier, MSW card, RFID Key Money Orders, Bitcoin, altcoins, e-Wallets, Bank Transfers, Neteller, Skrill, and more
How to make a bet In store, online, or over the phone Online 24/7 from anywhere
Bonuses Not usually offered Multiple yearly bonuses: Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Seasonal Promos, and more

Offshore Sportsbooks Accepting Players From The Philippines

The online sportsbooks recommended in this guide are all legally sanctioned and expand the range of betting options available to Filipino bettors and sports fans.  Between MSW and these offshore destinations, residents and visitors to the island nation have a plethora of sports gambling options at their disposal.  As you can see from the comparison above, one area that offshore bookmakers often surpass MSW is when it comes to bonus offers.  Below you will find mention of the current promotions offered to new players at each of our recommended brands. If you want to learn more about legally sanctioned offshore betting sites, visit our guides on Philippine legal online sports betting sites and industry-leading mobile sportsbooks for Filipino residents.  Our recommendations for Philippines friendly online sportsbooks include the following brands.

Site NameCurrent BonusPayout SpeedAgePHPlay Now
Betonline50% Max $1,00024-48 Hours18+Play Now
1XBit SportsbookUp To 7 BTCInstant18+Play Now
MyBookie Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,00024-48 Hours21+Play now
Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,00024-48 Hours18+Play now
Xbet Sportsbook50% Max $50024-48 Hours21+Play now

Who Regulates MSW?

MSW is regulated by PAGCOR, the government agency that oversees the fairness in games of chance, electronic outlets, sports kiosks, poker rooms and more. PAGCOR was established in 1976 and their current vision is to see the Philippines become a major player and top entertainment destination in the Asian region. PAGCOR has an intense system for checking hardware, software and other gambling-related components and details all their requirements for offshore licensing in their “Rules and regulations for Philippine offshore gaming operations” available on their website. MegaSportsWorld is the only land-based and online sportsbook that is licensed by PAGCOR. MSW initiated operations in November 2009 under the proprietorship of Francis Uy.

Wagering Options

At MegaSportsWorld locations, players can bet on multiple sports at the same time or just one, it is up to the player. Once a player is logged into their account they can access any sport by using the side columns and drop-down menu. Once selected you can pull up a betting slip for the matchup and place a wager on the sport. The betting slip will include details such as age, sport, event, selection, game date, bet type, and stake. MSW offers 3 major wagering options: Straights, Spreads, and Totals. Props are also included for many contests. The match-up will determine the money line and the number of points scored will usually determine the wagering options. Once all information is filled out and complete, you can submit your bet for MSW to process.

Popular Sports To Bet On In The Philippines

At MSW you will find a wide range of sports that can be wagered on. They offer some local events as well as regional sports and international sports. When selecting the sport you might have to select what country and if it’s a male or female sport. Although you can bet on about any sport, the most popular sports to bet on in the Philippines are as follows:

Live Streaming

MSW offers a live streaming calendar to their members. Members can check events they may want to watch days before the event. Live streaming is limited by rights and viewing restrictions but MSW still offers a good mix of sports their members can follow. You can usually find live events for Basketball, Football, Soccer and more.


Electronic games or e-games are included in the betting lines covered through MSW locations. Regulated and licensed by PAGCOR, e-games are casino type games that can be played on computer stations across the Philippines. They have a wide variety of games that users can wager on including slots, poker, baccarat and many others. The minimum bet is usually P500 and your terminal gets loaded by a cashier. VIP rooms are also sometimes available, they require higher bets but offer a more private experience and loyalty cards. E-games and MSW stations often share kiosk stations.

Introduction of Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are computer-generated outcomes that utilize data provided to produce a winner. Over the last 50 years, virtual sports have taken a new form and today are a popular gambling service. MSW has not yet added virtual sports betting to its menu, which isn’t surprising since eSports betting is also largely unavailable at the site as of 2022.

MSW Mobile App

MegaSportsWorld now offers a mobile application for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Recently introduced to the market over the past several years the MSW app offers betting lines on sports across the globe. When checking the app, you will see a list of sports, and from that list, you can find the game or the match you are wagering on and the money lines associated with the match-up. As of now, online gambling is supported over the mobile app, but access is limited to established VIP players who are 21-plus. You can also phone in your bets or visit any MSW location and place a physical bet. The mobile app is the best way for MSW to get their players up-to-date betting lines. You can also open an account or search for the closest locations through the app or over the web.

MSW Bonuses

MegaSportsWorld doesn’t offer any bonuses currently but they have had a few promotions in the past. They did a 100% first free bet bonus in 2011 for new customer deposits and while there were many stipulations, it did successfully bring a free bet bonus to the land-based sportsbook. If you are looking for bonuses it would be best to explore licensed online sportsbooks as they consistently offer up bonuses including a welcome bonus, reload bonus and other special seasonal promotions.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

MSW makes it easy for their patrons with multiple deposit and withdrawal options. Cashiers are available to receive deposits and process payouts at various locations across the Philippines but that will all soon change as the digital age approaches. At many locations, over the counter transactions are now required to be made with an RFID keychain. The keychain holds account information and with proper identification, deposits and withdrawals can be made and users can also update their accounts. Many MSW locations are now going without a cashier as newer games can take money, cards or key readers, getting rid of cashier lines and saving the users time. MegaSportsWorld also offers an MSW credit card or payout card that contains your money and can be used for all sorts of cashless transactions, money can also be withdrawn from any Megalink ATM at any desired time. As of 2022, online MSW gambling does not support Bitcoin or altcoin crypto deposits or payouts, which is a major benefit of using offshore betting sites instead.