Philippine Legal NFL Betting

NFL LogoWhile American football is just getting a foothold in the Philippines, there is no better time than right now to bet on the National Football League (NFL) with numerous betting lines and odds available at the online sportsbooks for one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world.

Is it legal to place online bets on the NFL in the Philippines?

Yes. Philippine citizens who are age 18 or older are allowed to use offshore licensed sportsbooks for legal football betting. Below are the most respected online sportsbooks in the industry with each being 100% legal and safe to use when betting on NFL games.

Top Online Sportsbooks for NFL Betting in the Philippines

Site NameCurrent BonusPayout SpeedPHPlay Now
Betonline50% Max $1,00024-48 HoursPlay Now
MyBookie Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,00048 HoursPlay now
Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,00048 HoursPlay now

Legal NFL Betting at MegaSportsWorld

In addition to online sportsbooks, Filipinos can bet on NFL games at MegaSportsWorld (MSW), a domestic sportsbook for the residents of the Philippines. Residents of the Philippines are not allowed to bet on domestic events, but luckily for Filipinos, the NFL is considered an international event since NFL games are played in the United States.

Philippine NFL Betting

When betting on the NFL in the Philippines, there are numerous types of bets a Philippine resident can place. Here are types of bets you can expect to see offered from online sportsbooks:

  • Point Spread – a bet where the favorite must win by a set margin of points and the underdog can lose by no more than the set margin or win outright
  • Money Line – a wager on which team will win the game
  • Over/Under – a gamble on whether the outcome from points or stats will be over or under a set number
  • Futures – a prediction made weeks or months before an outcome or game to maximize profit
  • Game Props – bets on events in the game but are not directly related to the score or outcome of a game
  • Player Props – bets on specific player or players stats

Betting on Super Bowl 54 in the Philippines

Super Bowl Trophy

Super Bowl LIV will be one of the most bet on games in the history of sports. For residents of the Philippines, the game will be played and broadcasted sometime between 6:00 a.m. GMT and 8:00 a.m. GMT on Monday morning, February 2, 2020, from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida in the United States.

How Can I Bet on Super Bowl 54 in the Philippines?

Super Bowl LIV will be one of the most bet on games in the history of sports. Each of the betting sites on this featured on our page is legal in the Philippines and Filipinos are allowed to sign up and bet on the biggest NFL game of 2020.

Where can I watch the 2020 Super Bowl in the Philippines?

For the Philippines, the easiest way to watch the game would be to choose any of the streams at r/nflstreams on Reddit. You will see a thread for the Super Bowl LIV approximately one hour before kickoff and there will be tons of streams to choose from.

The 2020 Super Bowl will kick off Monday morning on February 3, 2020, at 7:30 a.m. GMT+8. The game will be played in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida in the United States.

Philippine NFL Players

The Philippines have produced several standout NFL players over the course of the league’s history. Here are the most prominent NFL players of Filipino descent and those who were born in the Philippines.

Tedy Bruschi – 3x Super Bowl champion, former Pro Bowl Linebacker for the New England Patriots
Doug Baldwin – Super Bowl XLVIII champion, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver currently for the Seattle Seahawks
Roman Gabriel – 1969 NFL MVP, former Pro Bowl Quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles
Tim Tebow – 2x BCS National Champion, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, former Quarterback for the Denver Broncos and three other teams
Jordan Norwood – Super Bowl 50 champion, Wide Receiver and Return Specialist for Denver Broncos and four other teams
Steve Slaton – former Running Back for the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins
Eugene Amano – former Offensive Guard and Center for the Tennessee Titans
Chris Gocong – former Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns
Fred Jones – former Linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs
Aaron Francisco – former Safety for the Arizona Cardinals and four other NFL teams

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