Betting On Extraterrestrial Existence At Online Sportsbooks

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Alien life

It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane, no… it’s a little green man with a big head coming to take you up in his ship and probe you, at least, I hope not. 

Many people disagree about the existence of aliens, but now it is time to put your money where your mouth is with PH legal sports betting sites offering odds on our possible brothers and sisters from outer space. 

For as long as we can remember, modern history has had extraterrestrial sightings and unexplained circumstances that can’t be explained. However, there has not been any government that has confirmed that aliens do exist and that they have entered our solar system. 

What We Know

History has shown us that many cultures throughout the earth have believed in a higher being, whether aliens or gods; often, it takes time to decide. 

Some of the most famous alien interpretations come from Egyptians and the records they left, while some of the earliest alien descriptions come from ancient Greece. Today there have been multiple reports from every country in the world, and many witnesses have been deemed credible; however, there is still no tangible evidence that aliens exist.

Recent Alien Reportings

Recently there have been several stories of alien sightings to hit newsstands worldwide; one of the most bizarre is the story about aliens in Las Vegas

On April 30th, 2023, a family called 911 and told Las Vegas police that they came face-to-face with an 8–10-foot green alien and that a UFO crashed in their backyard. While many people are simply dismissing the report, some journalists that have spoken with the family say there is some credibility to the family’s story. The Vegas police department did install a camera on the property to discourage enthusiasts from visiting the property and further harming the family. 

Current Betting Lines

The following betting lines on extraterrestrials are from one of our top-rated sportsbook sites (BetOnline). These odds must come to fruition before the end of 2023 for the bet to payout or else all money will be returned.

Color of first confirmed alien on earth*

  • Unknown to the human eye +250
  • Green +400
  • Yellow +500
  • Blue +600
  • Black +600
  • Purple +600
  • Red +800
  • White +800

Which country will be invaded by aliens first*

  • USA +1200
  • Russia +1200
  • North Korea +1400
  • Thailand +1400
  • France +1600
  • China +1600
  • Colombia +1600
  • Germany +2000
  • UK +2000
  • Mexico +2000
  • Iran +2500
  • India +2500
  • Canada +2500

*All bets must be confirmed by the end of 2023, or else money will be returned, alien odds are available in the entertainment section.

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