Philippine National Athletes Win 51 Gold Medals At SEA Games 

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Team Philippines 2023 SEA games

The 2023 Cambodia Southeast Asian Games (SEA) are underway, and Philippine athletes are performing well with 51 gold medals. 

This past Sunday, the Philippines went on a rally and won 9 gold medals propelling the team into fifth place overall. PH athletes won golds on Sunday in Boxing, Arnis, Weightlifting, Judo, e-Sports, and Wrestling.

While a first-place overall finish is unlikely with the end of the games fast approaching, the Philippine national team is surging in the late rounds and looking for a fourth-place finish if they can catch Cambodia, which currently has 66 gold medals. The Philippines has won a total of 234 awards, 51 gold, 78 silver, and 105 bronze.

Betting On E-Sports

Betting on Esports is gaining popularity worldwide, and the Philippine teams are leagues leading the charge. With over 35 million Filipinos considered gamers, the market is ripe for video game betting. 

In 2018 the Philippines hosted a national competition, “the road to the Nationals,” where gamers could showcase their talents in an elimination tournament to find the next e-sport stars. The tournament was broadcast on ESPN5 and featured three games: Dota 2 (PC), Mobile Legends (Mobile), and Tekken (Console). 

Today e-sports has grown into an online phenomenon and is played by multiple countries around the world. As stated, e-sports has made its way to the SEA Games and will soon be on the Olympic stage in 2024.

Betting On Sports Online

Betting on sports online in the Philippines is legal under current gambling laws; however, finding odds for the SEA games is unlikely. Most reputable online sportsbooks offer odds on Olympic-style events, but SEA game odds are few and far between. 

Philippine bettors can find odds on popular leagues like the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), National Basketball Association (NBA), and other popular sports worldwide. While Philippine athletes don’t often hit the odds boards, many bettors like to wager on popular events like FIFA World Cup, Boxing, American Football, or Baseball (MLB, NPB, CPB). The summer and winter Olympic competitions also feature PH national athletes but are only available every two years. 

Who Is Expected To Win The 2023 SEA Games?

Vietnam is currently in first place with 118 gold medals and 310 total medals. Unless they bomb the final few days, they are a sure shot at winning the 2023 SEA games with almost a 30-medal lead over Thailand. The SEA games will wrap up on May 17th with the closing ceremony, where the national teams will be recognized. 

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