How To Bet On NBA Futures With Bitcoin And Other Cryptos

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Betting on the NBA and other international professional basketball leagues has risen in popularity over the last decade alongside the growth of Bitcoin and other altcoin cryptocurrencies, so it is no surprise that online sportsbooks have started accepting digital currency.

Today crypto is so widely accepted at online legal sports betting sites in the Philippines that you can find crypto-specific bonus options. For some, crypto acceptance is a deciding factor for potential account holders.

Where To Buy Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold online at crypto exchanges, where you can purchase numerous digital assets with a national currency. The price of each cryptocurrency is determined by its current market value.

Most exchanges also offer digital wallets to store your cryptocurrencies, but you can send your assets to any digital address you like. Some exchanges might require a photo id to create a free account, but the process is fast and easy. Once you have an account, you are ready to buy crypto.

How To Deposit Cryptocurrency To Bet On NBA Basketball?

When you finally possess your digital assets, you can navigate to the cashiers or banking page of your preferred online sports betting site. There you can select the cryptocurrency you want to make a deposit with and receive a QR code or wallet address to where you can send your sportsbook deposit.

Once the deposit has been sent, funds typically reflect on your account within 15-20 minutes. It is important to note that you should only use a generated address once per deposit.

When the funds populate in your account, you can navigate to the sports section and select NBA or basketball to see the odds open for wagers. Popular NBA bets include futures, game lines, props, and conference futures.

How To Make Money Wagering On The NBA

There are several ways to win a significant sum when wagering on NBA basketball. One of the best ways, but also risky, is to wager on future odds, like who will win the NBA championship. Future odds are always more profitable before the action starts as the odds trend closer to even as the favorites emerge.

Another way to make some good money betting on NBA odds is with parlays. Parlay betting is stringing multiple wagers together to increase the winning payout. While parlay bets are extremely risky, depending on how many chances you string together, a winning parlay is also lucrative.

Finally, game lines are another great option to earn money when betting on basketball. While game lines are typically less lucrative than early bird futures or parlays, there are three ways to bet on game lines: spread bets, money line bets, and totals/over-under. When betting on game lines, it is wise to wager on underdogs and to research which players will, and more importantly, won’t be playing.

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