How To Bet On The 2022 World Cup With Online Sportsbooks

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It is World Cup season, and the 2022 contest has already proven to be a hot ticket with unusual upsets and protests as teams navigate the group rounds.

As the 32 teams continue the round-robin group stages, game lines and other betting odds (futures, props) will update as teams advance and drop out of the competition. Right now, there is great value in future bets, as the odds remain high.

Are The Philippines Going To The World Cup?

No, the Philippine national team (male) has never qualified for the World Cup. To be eligible for the World Cup, a national team must advance through a qualifying tournament or be the host country for the contest (Qatar). 

The Philippine female national team has qualified for the 2023 Woman’s World Cup for the first time in history after they finished in the semi-finals at the 2022 AFC Woman’s Asian Cup.

Who Has The Best Chance Of Winning The 2022 World Cup?

Based on the odds at BetOnline’s Sportsbook, Brazil has the best chance of winning the 2022 World Cup, but as we all know, favorites don’t always pan out. Several good teams could win the cup, but we will have to wait and see who prevails. In 2018, France won the World Cup, but Brazil has won more cups than any other team.

Game Lines vs. Futures

There is a slew of betting lines for the World Cup, but bettors typically like to play game lines as they are more familiar with team matchups than other national teams’ chances of winning the tournament. However, if you are the type who likes to wager for big payouts, futures are the way to go.

New bettors should stick to what they are familiar with, and that is typically game lines (over/under, totals, money line bets). With multiple ways to bet on a matchup, game lines can be a lot of fun and are typically low-risk bets when compared to future odds.

Note: You could also parlay bets, pairing them together to increase the payouts, but any seasoned bettor will tell you your odds go way down compared to a futures bet. Game lines are great for parlays as you can wager on two events and increase your payouts if you hit.

Philippine Sportsbooks For The 2022 World Cup

Filipinos have two ways to bet on the World Cup: Domestic and online sportsbooks. There are numerous betting locations around the islands, but the odds vary depending on your chosen sportsbook. We suggest legal PH online sportsbooks operating outside the country as they provide the best service and offer mobile convenience to their users.

Online sportsbooks also have numerous betting odds that are easy to wager on, including game lines, futures, and props. As you can see, if you place a wager now, the odds are valuable. Below is the current World Cup 22 futures bet from BetOnline. 

Odds to Win 2022 FIFA World Cup (BetOnline)

  • Brazil +325 
  • France +650    
  • England +675   
  • Spain +700 
  • Argentina +800  
  • Netherlands +1250   
  • Portugal +1400  
  • Belgium +1800  
  • Germany +2200 
  • Uruguay +3500  
  • Denmark +3800 
  • Serbia +7000   
  • Croatia +8000   
  • Switzerland +11000   
  • USA +11000  

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