New Sports Betting Opportunities Emerge In The Philippines During Coronavirus Lockdown

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While sports are currently suspended in the Philippines and around the world, bettors are looking for new ways to earn additional income from betting on sports. 

Amid the current crisis, avid bettors have turned their attention to new means, including eSports, virtual sports, and sports simulations. While betting on virtual sports and sims are a lot different than betting on traditional sports, it has calmed the nerves of some bettors. 

Esports, sims and virtual sports have been around for a while, but online sportsbooks have always pushed traditional sports due to the high revenue it brings in. Below we will look at the alternatives and talk about the good and bad with each of the betting options. 


Esports is a lot different from traditional sports but consists of teams of players battling it out for the win in a virtual world. The most popular games played in eSports leagues are Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends (LOL). It isn’t often that eSport leagues compete in traditional style sports like football or baseball, but some leagues do. However, online sportsbooks typically only carry betting lines for LOL, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike as they are the most popular. 

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are games that have no human element involved where teams, players, and stats are fictional. Popular virtual sports include basketball, baseball, and football, but multiple other games can be bet on. Online sportsbooks will offer betting lines on virtual sports multiple times a day, and bettors can watch as their events unfold. 

Sport Simulations

Sports simulations are the closest thing to real sports betting we have right now. Sports sims typically feature real teams with actual stats imported into the game. While the computer still controls the sims, it brings a much more realistic feel to the game with real teams and current matchups. While sports sims are a lot like traditional sports, fans do not have the same connection to the game as they do to their favorite teams. 

The coronavirus has effectively shut down brick and mortar sportsbooks around the world, but online; there is still plenty to be wagered on if you accept the new format. While we wait for sports to return, we feel it is a good thing to expand personal betting opportunities and find other fun ways to earn additional income. 

Recently the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) commissioner said that sports would be one of the last things to return in the Philippines due to the nature of their events. The PSC also told the media that their intentions include protecting their athletes, fans, and community. 

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