Legal PH Online Sportsbooks Offer NFL Wildcard Playoff Odds

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NFL wildcard odds

The NFL postseason is here, and football betting lines are starting to take priority at legal online sportsbooks. Each year the NFL playoffs are an exciting time for fans and teams alike as the best teams fight for a chance to win glory on the field.

If you haven’t bet on NFL odds before this season, you are in for a treat, as postseason action is the sweetest berry in the bunch, with numerous ways to bet on the matchups. Below we will discuss the online odds at the top-rated Philippine sports betting sites.

Wild Card Game Lines

The NFL wildcard round is the first round played in the NFL postseason as teams that are on the cusp fight for a spot in the playoff bracket. The wild card round is among the most exciting, as teams don’t want to end their season and compete for a postseason win.

Wild card odds are represented as game line odds and offer multiple ways to bet, including spread, total, and money line odds. Below you will see a couple of the game line odds offered at BetOnline’s sportsbook for the wild card weekend.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers

  • +9½ (-109), -9½ (-111)
  • +375, -465
  • 42½ (-110), U 42½ (-110)

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • -1 (-108), +1 (-112)
  • -123, +103
  • 47½ (-110), U 47½ (-110)

Super Bowl LVII Future Odds

You can check out Super Bowl futures if you don’t like betting on game lines but still want good value. Game lines for the Super Bowl will be available once the two teams are decided, but futures offer the only option for betting on who will win the Super Bowl. 

With future odds, it is best to place bets early as the odds trend toward even as the dominant teams start to make their way through the bracket. Super Bowl future odds are offered year-round, but the odds change weekly.

Is NFL Betting Legal In The Philippines?

Yes, no laws forbid NFL betting in the Philippines, and professional football odds are available online and at domestic sports betting locations. 

While betting on the NFL is more prevalent in other countries, professional and amateur sports bettors tend to gravitate towards NFL odds as they are plentiful and offer multiple ways to place a winning bet. Popular NFL bets include game lines, futures, and propositions bets. 

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