Pacquiao To Bet on A Presidential Bid After Boxing Loss

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Pacquiao for President

The Pacquiao v Ugas fight on Saturday left patrons and sportsbooks breathless, with Ugas narrowly taking home the win. Pacquiao was favored to win in a landslide, according to most major boxing betting lines.

Even so, the fighter was overtaken by Yordenis Ugas in a moment that seemed to signify a passing of the torch. There has not yet been a formal address of retirement, though many speculate that now is the time to do it.

Is It Time to Retire?

The rumors ring true, as Pacquiao has already solidified himself as a legendary fighter to be remembered throughout history. Not only is Pacquiao the only fighter to win four welterweight titles, but he is also the only boxer to win a title in eight different weight classes, holding titles across four decades.

If this fight marks the end of his boxing career, it will not be a loss. His employment is already secured, serving as a senator for the Philippines. In fact, retirement could open several opportunities for the fighter.

Pacquiao has held a Senate seat for nearly five years. Some of his popularity can be attributed to his sports legacy, as the Philippines’ most famous boxer turned PBA basketball player. However, it is important to recognize Pacquiao’s many years in civic activism.

Pacquiao’s Political Props

He first ran for the Philippines’ House of Representatives in 2007 but wouldn’t succeed in this endeavor until 2009. Currently, he aligns himself with the Duterte government. The political strategy stands to serve him well, especially if Pacquiao has his eyes set on the Presidency.

Yes, the Presidency.

Pacquiao actually stands a real chance of taking the Philippines’ Presidential seat in 2022, according to political betting lines. One might be quick to criticize, but celebrity politicians are not a new concept.

In the US, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger are prominent celebrities that exchanged the entertainment industry for the political playing field.

With current President Duterte looking to circumvent term limits by running as Vice President. Because of recent scandals involving Duterte, the Philippines’ population may look more graciously towards another candidate.

Betting on Pacquiao’s Politics

Residents of the Philippines cast their vote with a ballot and with a bet. While local betting laws prohibit domestic sportsbooks from accepting resident bettors, offshore sites cater directly to them.

There are several reputable online betting sites available to Filipino consumers. Among the sea of sites, there also tend to be a few scams. We make it easy by offering a range of reviews and resources to help you find the right match.

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