Philippine National Games Act Looks To Provide Equal Opportunities

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Senator "Bong" Go supports the PNG Act

The Philippine National Games Act (PNG) of 2022 is a recently filed bill by Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go that aims to strengthen sports development for aspiring Filipino athletes. 

Senator Go wants to institutionalize grassroots sports programs while providing equal opportunities to athletes looking to participate in international competitions such as the Asean Games, SEA Games, or the Olympics. Senator Go wants the Philippines to be the “Sports Powerhouse in Asia.”

Senator Go released a statement after submitting the National Games Act. In his statement, he said that sports play an essential role in youth development and teach the values of discipline and hard work. Sports also play a crucial role in keeping many children away from illegal drugs and help to make them productive young adults that society values. 

What The PNG Act Means To Other PH Sports Agencies

The Philippine National Games Act will affect other government agencies, including the Philippine Sports Commission, Department of Education, Philippine Olympic Committee, National Sports Associations, local sports councils, and other departments. These departments will be mandated to participate in its implementation to help establish a better sports nurturing environment for your Filipino athletes.

It is essential that all sports agencies get on board to further the ultimate goal of nurturing young Filipino athletes; all the resources combined will go a long way in the development of potential future Olympic athletes. Not only will it help further their development, but it will also provide a framework for success with help along the way.

Can You Bet On International Sporting Events Online?

Yes, according to current Philippine gambling laws, online sports betting is legal if you choose a licensed and regulated site by a governing regulatory body. Betting on competitions like the Olympics or the SEA games is also permitted. However, domestic sports betting operations typically don’t carry those odds. 

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