Philippine National Team Facilities Due For Overhaul

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The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) has decided that it is time to overhaul the facilities used by the PH National teams. PSC chairman Richard Bachmann has committed to enhancing the facilities and the agencies’ offices associated with the national teams.

Bachmann’s commitment to upgrade the PSC facilities comes after a recent visit to Baguio City and the training camp that hosts boxing, Muay Thai, and other athletics. During the flag-raising ceremony at the training camp, Bachmann said there are a lot of improvements to be done and a lot of work to do.

The Philippine national boxing team is housed in the PSC Baguio, preparing for more international competitions. The next big competitions on the docket for the Philippine national teams are the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia and the 19th Asian Games in China.

The Philippine Sports Commission Origins

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) was established in 1990 by Republic Act 6847. Currently, the PSC comprises a chairman, four commissioners, and an executive director working together to build interest in national sports for the country.

In addition to overseeing national sports, the PSC uses several programs to help develop athletes for national competitions. The four programs used by the PSC inform and promote sports participation in the Philippines. The current programs that the PSC uses to draw interest in national sports are:

  • The Philippine sports institute.
  • Batang Pinoy.
  • POC-PSC National games.
  • Laro’t Saya Se Parke.

Gambling on Philippine National Team Competitions

The most popular national team competitions to bet on are Olympic-style events or other international competitions. Of course, these sporting events are less popular than wagering on basketball or other popular international sports (Football, MMA, Boxing, Soccer).

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Mobile Gambling From The Philippines

Betting on sports from a mobile device is prevalent in the Philippines as most people have the internet on their phones, and desktop computers are rare at home. 

The online sportsbooks reviewed in our sports betting guide offer their services on mobile devices and rely on their convenience to set them apart from their domestic counterparts. If you are looking to bet on national or domestic sports in the future, the best place to start looking is already in your hands. 

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