Philippine Sports Commission Appoints New Chairman

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Dickie Bachmann

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) has appointed Richard “Dickie” Bachmann as the new chairman of the organization. The Office of the Press Secretary has confirmed that on Dec 28th, Bachmann will take his position and replace Jose Emanual “Noli” Eala.

Eala was recommended for the job by former executive secretary Vic Rodriguez and took his positing back in August of 2022. It was reported that Rodriguez had a falling out with new president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and has since resigned. Due to Rodriguez’s exit, it was assumed that Eala, the country’s sports minister, would soon be replaced or resign. That news was confirmed, and Eala released the following statement via Twitter.


What Is The Philippine Sports Commission?

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) was created by the office of the government in 1990 to oversee all matters concerning sports, sports leagues, and sports competitions throughout the country. 

The PSC wants to increase sports participation and help develop athletes for national and international competitions. The PSC uses several programs to help inform young athletes how to play and compete in sporting events. Two other organizations in the Philippines also help nurture athletes: the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (PAAF) and the Philippine Olympic Committee

Who Is Dickie Bachmann?

Richard “Dickie” Bachmann is the newly appointed chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC ), a former PBA Chairman and concurrent PBA 3×3 chairman and commissioner of the UAAP basketball season 85 tournament.

Bachmann played basketball in college and shortly after transitioned into a coaching role. He was able to work his way into the league office with years of experience in multiple authority positions over the years.

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