Best Prop Bets At Philippine Online Sportsbooks For Super Bowl 57

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Rihanna Super Bowl odds

Super Bowl 57 is just a few days away, and Philippine legal sports betting sites offer many proposition betting options for the big game. 

This year the Super Bowl will feature the top AFC team, the Kansas City Chiefs, versus the top NFC team, the Philadelphia Eagles, in a gridiron battle for an NFL Championship. While betting on the game is one of the most significant betting events of the year, many bettors turn to prop bets as a fun way to wager without determining who will win the game outright.

Below we will discuss two popular options for betting on prop bets, including Halftime bets and Super Bowl Commercials. 

Halftime Props Bets

The halftime show at the Super Bowl produces many proposition bets on the performance. Rhianna will headline the halftime show this year, and oddsmakers are offering odds on everything from her outfit to potential guest performances. 

Over the years, the Super Bowl halftime show has evolved from simple college band performances to all-out superstar performances. Some of the most iconic Super Bowl performances include Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Bruno Mars, and U2.

Below are some of BetOnline’s more outrageous proposition odds for Rhianna’s 2023 Super Bowl performance.

Rhianna Exposes Butt Cheek on Stage

  • Yes -160       
  • No +120       

Rhianna Exposes Cleavage on Stage

  • Yes -350       
  • No +225       

Rhianna Exposes Nipple on Stage

  • No -2500      
  • Yes +800      

Rihanna 1st Song Sang on Stage

  • Don’t Stop The Music -160         
  • This is What you Came For +400          
  • Diamonds +550     
  • Umbrella +1000     
  • Stay +1400  

Most Valuable Player (MVP) Odds

Super Bowl MVP trophyBetting on the Super Bowl MVP is one of the few categories with favorable odds that typically pay out winning bets more than what was wagered. 

Since guessing who will win the MVP award for the contest is not that easy, there are many options to choose from.

This year the MVP favorite is Jalen Hurts or Patrick Mahomes, each of the team’s quarterbacks. The quarterback is always a favorite for the MVP going into the game, as they touch the ball more than any other player on the team. 

Below are the current odds from BetOnline for the Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl LVII MVP

  • Jalen Hurts +110    
  • Patrick Mahomes +125   
  • Travis Kelce +1200 
  • AJ Brown +2000     
  • Miles Sanders +2200        
  • Haason Reddick +2500    
  • Devonta Smith +3300      

Who Will MVP Mention 1st in Post-Game Speech

  • Team/Teammates -150   
  • God/Religion +150 
  • City/Fans +1000    
  • Personal Family +1600    
  • Coaches +2800      
  • Team Owner +4000          

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl From The Philippines?

Yes, there are no Philippine gambling laws that outlaw sports wagering. Filipinos can bet on the NFL in multiple ways, including domestic sportsbooks and online sportsbooks.

Our readers generally wager online as there are tons of promotions, bonus offers, and multiple banking options available to account holders, but however you choose to bet on the game, whether its game lines or props, we hope you enjoy the game and add to your bankroll.

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