Online e-Sabong legalities

Is Online Cockfighting A New Pandemic Or The Future Of The Sport

Online cockfighting, also known as e-Sabong, has recently torn lawmakers apart in the Philippines as the country tries to determine how to navigate through the ongoing Covid pandemic and how to keep people away from…

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Legal online cockfighting betting

E-sabong Franchise Disagreements Cause Concerns From Lawmakers

At a recent House law and means, committee hearing lawmakers discussed off-site betting operations for Sabong and cockfighting.  The meeting was supposed to discuss tax provisions for online e-Sabong betting but erupted into a discussion about the…

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Online cockfight betting

E-Cockfighting Could Be Taxed and Regulated Soon

A legislative committee in the Philippines has approved a bill to regulate and tax e-sabong betting sites in the Philippines.  Sabong, better known as cockfighting, has been popular in the Philippines and other south Asian…

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