Team Philippines Prepares To Send 905 Athletes To Cambodia SEA Games 

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PH national team

The 2023 Southeast Asian Games (SEA) in Cambodia are set to begin May 5th, and the PH National team has announced that they will be sending 905 athletes to participate in the Olympic-style events.

The SEA games are held every other year; however, this is the first year that Cambodia will host the event in 32 meetings. Eleven countries currently participate in the SEA Games, and in 2021, more than 5,000 athletes competed.

Who Won The 2021 SEA Games

The 2021 SEA games were won by Vietnam, with an overall medal count of 446 medals. Vietnam was also the host country for the games, where 526 events were held in 40 different sports.

The Philippines came in fourth in the medal count with 226 total medals, just behind third-place Indonesia with 241 awards. 

What Sporting Events Do The SEA Games Host?

The SEA Games host various Olympic-style events, including Aquatics, Basketball, Bowling, Cycling, Gymnastics, Volleyball, and many others.

Host countries get to select the games they offer from a list of three predefined categories. At least four countries must participate in the event for it to be included in the games. 

In recent years host countries have added events, including Skateboarding, Sambo, Surfing, and more. Cambodia has added Kun Khmer, a combat sport focusing on clinch fighting and strikes this year. 

Can You Bet On The SEA Games?

Yes, betting on the SEA games is legal, but finding odds can be difficult unless you know where to look. Our PH online sportsbook sites cover the SEA games, but the odds are few and far between. 

Legal sports betting is allowed in several forms in the Philippines, including online and at domestic locations. According to Philippine gambling laws, domestic sportsbooks cannot offer odds on events inside the country. Since the events take place outside of the Philippines, the domestic sports betting sites in the Philippines will likely carry odds on the events. 

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