Top 10 Super Bowl LV Proposition Bets

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NFL Props

Props, props, props, props (in my best Pitbull voice), is what I am singing this week as Super Bowl LV prepares to kick off this Sunday. 

For those who don’t know, props, aka proposition bets, are wagers on a game that do not affect the game’s outcome. To lure in fans that may not be well-positioned to bet on the outcome, online sportsbooks offer proposition bets for a fun way to bet on the Super Bowl without choosing who will win the game. 

Prop bets typically include topics such as the National Anthem performance, halftime show, player props, and more. This year, a handful of colorful props are just waiting for someone to lay some money down. 

Below are our top ten proposition bets for Super Bowl LV from BetOnline. These odds are subject to change as more information about the NFL Championship game is released. 

10. Primary Color of Patrick Mahomes Headband

  • Red -400
  • Black +210  
  • Gray +600  
  • White +600  

9. What will be said 1st

  • COVID -500  
  • Pandemic +300  

8. Will “baby GOAT” be said in Reference to P.Mahomes

  • No -2000 
  • Yes +700  

7. Will There be Roughing the Passer Penalty?

  • No -180  
  • Yes +150

6. Will There be a Missed FG

  • No -160
  • Yes +130  

5. Player to be Shown 1st During Anthem

  • Tom Brady -130
  • Patrick Mahomes -110  

4. Coin Toss

  • Heads -105
  • Tails -105

3. Clip of Jon Gruden be Shown Super Bowl 37

  • No -150
  • Yes +110  

2. Andy Reid Mask Design

  • Chiefs branded/logo -2000 
  • Single color/no logo +350 
  • Hawaiian-themed +700

1. How many commercials will show a person wearing mask

  • Over 2½ Commercials -450
  • Under 2½ Commercials +275  

The Super Bowl will air on CBS and CBAA on Sunday, February 7th, 2021, at 6:30 pm (EST). While live betting will occur during the game, it is suggested that you get your prop bets in before the game starts, as many will go away as events unfold. 

Filipino bettors who are new to the online sports betting world should see our guide to the best online sportsbooks for Philippine residents to learn which sites offer Super Bowl betting lines and the funding methods available. 

However, you decide to bet on the Super Bowl, we suggest you take it from Mr. Worldwide and “don’t stop the party.” With that said, leave your comments below on who you think will win Super Bowl 55 and any good prop bets we might have missed.


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