World Cup Semi-Finals Bracket, Game Schedule, and Betting Odds

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World Cup Fifa Bracket 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup (Qatar) has already caused a stir with fierce competition, political protests, and unbelievable upsets. Now that the group rounds are over, the top 16 teams must be perfect to advance to the semifinals.

The quarterfinals (top 16) started over the weekend, and four teams have already been knocked out of the competition (USA, Australia, Senegal, Poland). This week there are four more matchups before the winning teams advance to the semifinal round. The teams remaining and the four games left to play are as follows: 

  • Netherlands vs. Argentina (12/9)*
  • England vs. France (12/10)*
  • Japan vs. Croatia (12/5)
  • Brazil vs. S. Korea (12/5)
  • Morocco vs. Spain (12/6)
  • Portugal vs. Switzerland (12/6)

*Semifinals round

2022 FIFA Quarterfinals Bracket

2022 World Cup Semifinals bracket

As you can see in the image above, the round of 16 is moving quickly to the FIFA World Cup Championship. Online sports betting sites have already posted odds for the quarterfinal and semifinal matchups and future odds for the competition’s overall winner. 

As you can see, there are several heavy hitters left in the competition, including Brazil (Who has won the most world Cups), Argentina (Messi’s World), France (2018’s Champion), and Spain. 

Betting On the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Betting on the 2022 FIFA World Cup is incredibly popular. The only sporting event wagered on more than the cup is America’s NFL Super Bowl. 

Due to the popularity of betting on soccer and related football events, online sportsbooks have many ways to wager on competitions with numerous betting odds, including game lines, prop bets, futures, and parlays. Below are the current futures from BetOnline’s Sportsbook. You can also find game lines, props, and specials by following the link above. 

Odds to Win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

  • Brazil +235  
  • France +450 
  • Argentina +500      
  • England +675         
  • Spain +800  
  • Netherlands +1300           
  • Portugal +1400      
  • Croatia +3300        
  • Japan +5000 
  • Switzerland +7500 
  • Morocco +10000   
  • South Korea +17500         

As you can see, the future odds above have great value to anyone looking to wager on the 2022 World Cup. When it comes to betting on futures, early betting is always rewarded as the odds trend closer to zero as the competition narrows. 

Money lines are the most bet-on odds as they offer total, win, and spread odds. Money line odds are great for bettors who want to bet on individual competitions, but if you are looking for that big payday, it is best to put your wager down early on a future bet. 

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