Philippine Basketball Association Solidifying Plans For 2021

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PBA Players

After successfully completing the 2020 Philippine Cup, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is making plans to begin the 2021 season safely.

According to PBA commissioner Willie Marcial, the league is preparing to lift its moratorium on trades from January 4th to January 27th. Marcial told the media that this would allow teams more time to study how they will approach the 2021 PBA draft

When asked about the 2021 season, Marcial said that the PBA is looking at many factors and learning from other professional basketball leagues, but nothing is stopping the league from continuing preseason activities. The PBA draft is scheduled to take place in a virtual environment on March 14th. 

Commissioner Marcial also told the media that the PBA hasn’t decided if they will extend the rookie registration deadline and if they will allow dual citizenship players to enter the draft. The idea of allowing dual-citizenship players to enter the draft has sparked interest across the league and with fans alike following the Indonesian Basketball League’s rule change to allow naturalized citizens. 

The PBA previously announced that the 46th basketball season is scheduled to begin on April 9th, to coincide with its founding anniversary. However, commissioner Marcial stressed that the season start date would heavily depend on how the country is handling the coronavirus pandemic by then. Marcial then explained that their players’ and Filipinos’ safety would be their prime consideration in everything they plan. 

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