Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) Betting Guide – Legally Betting On The PBA

With basketball as popular as it is in the Philippines, it is no surprise that there is a domestic league for local fans to wager on. The Philippines Basketball Association is a local league that draws attention from local basketball fans as well as numerous wagering opportunities. PBA basketball betting is not as popular as betting on the NBA, but it is a well-trafficked betting category nevertheless. There are multiple legal options available to residents for betting on PBA games. The major ones are licensed offshore sportsbooks seeing as domestically based online sportsbooks are considered illegal for Filipinos to use. This basketball betting guide has information on how the PBA works, the current teams, where to legally bet on games online and much more.

Is PBA Basketball Betting Legal In The Philippines?

It is legal for Philippines residents to bet on PBA basketball through licensed offshore sportsbooks—in terms of online sports betting. There are other domestic options like MegaSportsWorld, a popular sportsbook platform servicing several Asian countries. In 2012, a court case deemed that residents could bet on sports through sanctioned means. This includes offshore sportsbooks that are legally licensed and regulated. Without a proper license and regulatory scheme in place, the sportsbook would be considered illegal. All of the offshore sportsbooks listed in his guide have been licensed and are adequately regulated.

Best Sportsbooks Hosting PBA Betting Lines

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Breakdown Of Philippines Basketball Association Season

Philippines basketball is broken up into 3 different seasons that combine to make one large season. This contrasts with the American National Basketball Association (NBA), which has a long regular season format that leads into the Playoffs and Finals. The PBA runs multiple regular seasons, each of which having their own Playoff series and Finals. In theory, this is more exciting for fans and gives teams multiple chances to win championships. The competition in the PBA is much closer than in the NBA, so bets can go either way.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 different conferences in the PBA. These are the Philippine Cup, Commissioner’s Cup, and Governors’ Cup. The postseasons feature best-of-3 quarterfinals and a best-of-7 Playoffs and Finals. If a team wins all 3 conferences they are considered the Grand Slam champion. The Philippine Cup runs from December to April. The Commissioner’s Cup runs from March to July. The Governor’s Cup is the last of the year and runs from July to October.

PBA Basketball Teams You Can Wager On

PBA is a considerably smaller league than the NBA and other basketball leagues around the world. Teams have come and gone, but there are currently 12 in the running for the separate tables. Each team is named after the organization that sponsors them as opposed to the individual names you’ll find in the NBA. The current PBA teams are:

  1. Alaska Aces
  2. Barangay Ginebra San Miguel
  3. Blackwater Elite
  4. Globalport Batang Pier
  5. Columbian Dyip
  6. Meralco Boats
  7. NLEX Road Warriors
  8. Rain or Shine Elastopainters
  9. San Miguel Beermen
  10. TNT Katropa
  11. Magnolia Hotshots Pambansang Manok
  12. Phoenix Fuelmasters

Can I Bet On PBA Games From My Phone?

Yes. The licensed offshore sportsbook recommended in this guide feature a mobile suite that hosts mobile betting lines on PBA games. The mobile versions run on a web-based application, meaning they are accessible on your device’s browser and do not require a separate mobile application download. The mobile version is a mirror image of the desktop version, only with remote accessibility. Responsive design technology ensures consistent functionality and design components on any sized screen dimensions. This means you can use your tablet devices as well. Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices are all compatible for mobile use. There are some bonuses reserved for mobile bettors.

Is There Live Wagering On PBA Games?

Yes. Filipino bettors can bet on PBA games in real-time using the live betting section of licensed offshore sportsbooks. Live betting allows you to place a wager during a basketball game as opposed to the standard format of betting before the game begins. Live betting lines typically expire faster than standard lines and come with much higher payouts. Be sure to read up on any rule changes for live betting on basketball, as these can sometimes different than what you are used to in the regular betting format. Live bets are available throughout each of the PBA seasons.

How Can I Bet On PBA Basketball?

Basketball betting is broken down into several categories: point spread betting, money line, totals (over/under), props and futures. You can find each of these categories in licensed offshore sportsbooks. Each option poses a different betting scenario and keeps things interesting while simultaneously increasing your chances to win. We’ve provided a brief explanation of the betting types below.

Point Spread – point spread betting involves betting on a specific team to win by a certain amount of points or more/less. For example, you could bet on TNT Katropa to beat the Alaska Aces by at least 6 points. In order for your bet to hit, TNT Katropa must win by at least 6 points. Even if they win, your bet will not be successful unless the margin of victory falls within the spread.

Money Line – money line betting is when you wager on a team to win outright. These types of wagers do not account for the point spread. Novice bettors often stick to the money line until they get a feel for how the point spread works.

Totals – total bets are betting on the combined final score of the game to either be over or under a predetermined amount. If both teams have high scoring offenses, you would likely take the over bet. If a team has a strong defense, the under might be a better player.

Props – prop bets involve betting on a specific occurrence. Props can focus on individual players or stats. For example, you could wager on an Alaska Aces player to have at least 10 rebounds in one game. Props can also include alternative point spread lines, alternative totals, etc. There are lots of props throughout the season and some can get quite farfetched in nature. We recommend you stick to props that revolve around player stats.

Futures – future bets are for those confident in their wagering. An example of a future bet would be betting on a Grand Slam champion at the beginning of the Philippine Cup. The allure of future bets is that you can make a lot of money if you place your wager at good odds at the beginning of the season.

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