Betting On Major League Eating Contests

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Popcorn Eating Competition

On Sunday, April 25th, 2021, Major League Eating will co-host the first-ever popcorn eating world championship contest in Las Vegas with DraftKings. While DraftKings is not yet available in Southeast Asia, Filipino bettors can get in on the action at BetOnline

The contest will include the top three competitive eaters in the world: Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, and Geoff Esper. The popcorn eating contest will be the headlining event for the three-part DraftKings Red-Carpet Film Feast, where contestants will arrive on a red carpet before assembling inside the eating arena overlooking the famous fountains of the Bellagio Hotel. 

Current betting odds for the event can be found on BetOnline’s Sportsbook, under the entertainment tab. 

Popcorn Eating World Championship – Odds To Win

  • Joey Chestnut -500           
  • Matt Stonie +375  
  • Geoff Esper +500  

You can also find odds for other competitive eating events, including the Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held annually on Coney Island, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Joey Chestnut Total Hot Dogs Eaten 2021 Contest

  • Under 74½ Hot Dogs -130          
  • Over 74½ Hot Dogs -110 

Joey Chestnut eating contest winner

 Joey Chesnutt is the current record holder for the most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes, with a total of 75. Chestnut has also won the last five hotdog eating contests and has only lost once in the competition since 2007. Matt Stonie last took home the mustard-colored belt in 2015 when he finished ahead of Chestnut with 62 hotdogs eaten to Chesnutt’s 60. 

Betting on entertainment futures can be achieved in several different ways online including, with a desktop computer or with mobile sportsbooks. Mobile betting includes using your phone to bet on various events such as the popcorn eating contest. Many Filipino bettors prefer using their cell phones to place bets due to the instant access account holders have to their online gambling account. 

For more information regarding the upcoming Popcorn Eating Contest, visit the Major League Eating Website. The Popcorn eating event will be live-streamed on DraftKings, YouTube, and Twitch. 

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