Betting On The 2022-23 NFL Season From The Philippines

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PH NFL betting

Seasoned sports bettors know all about NFL odds, but you don’t have to be a football expert to make money betting on the NFL from the Philippines.

Just like with most competitive sports (PBA BasketballMMA fights, etc.), there are multiple ways to bet on games, futures, and props. While these three options are vastly different, betting on the odds and figuring out the payout are the same.

Game Lines

Game lines are popular in all competitive sports and typically offer three ways to wager on the competition: moneyline, spread, and totals (over/under).

Money lines allow bettors to wager on who will win the competition. These odds are typically represented with a (-) favorite and an (+) underdog. Betting on the underdog will always yield more profit but is less likely to produce a winning bet. 

Spread odds allow bettors to wager on who wins or loses by a set amount of points. When betting on the over, typical odds assigned at +3.5 (-110) means a winning bet on that team will only payout if they win by 3.5 or more total points. Then the odds are paid out on the (-110), meaning a $110 wager will win $100. Betting on the under is betting on whether a team will win or lose under a certain number of points. 

Total odds are betting on the total amount of points scored in the competition. If the odds are set at O40.5, each team’s score will have to be over 40.5 points for a winning bet. A U40.5 bet will pay out if the two teams’ combined score is less than 40.5 points.


NFL Futures is a great way to win some money betting on football. Futures bets are represented with (-) favorites and (+) underdogs and can include anything from Super Bowl bets to AFC or NFC championship odds. New bettors like future odds because you can find some real value with the underdogs. 

When betting on futures, it is best to lock in odds at the beginning of the season as odds get tighter as the season goes on and the best teams become apparent.


Betting on props or proposition betting is an excellent way for new NFL bettors to get in on the action. Prop betting is betting on anything that doesn’t determine the game’s outcome. Popular props are MVP odds, Offensive or Defensive player of the year, rushing leader, touchdown total passes, and a lot more. 

Props are offered for all games and are updated regularly depending on the upcoming competition. Props bets are displayed like future odds with (-) favorites and (+) underdogs. Prop bets also include things that may or may not happen off the field. Below is a prop from our favorite NFL sportsbook BetOnline.

First Coach to Permanently leave the position

  • Matt Rhule +275
  • Mike McCarthy +450
  • Pete Carroll +500
  • Frank Reich +700
  • Ron Rivera +800

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