Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Sues Pastor Apollo Quiboloy For Making False Claims

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Senator Pacquiao

Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is suing the famous evangelist Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for making false claims that he embezzled funds for the new $70 million sports complex. To complicate matters more, Pastor Quiboloy is a longtime friend and spiritual advisor to current PH President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Manny Pacquiao is one of boxing’s greatest fighters of all time. Since he proved his dominance in the ring, he has stepped into the national spotlight again as a current Senator and potential Presidential candidate. Recently Pacquiao and Duterte have exchanged verbal blows, with Pacquiao claiming the current administration is corrupt and questioning Duterte’s relationship with China.

Pacquiao is now claiming that Pastor Quiboloy is using his popularity to deliberately spread falsehoods and brainwash the minds of potential Filipino voters. Quiboloy is the current head of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which claims to have at least 4 million followers. Pastor Quiboloy has failed to respond to Pacquiao’s lawsuit, and his office said he would respond on his television program later this week. 

Senator Pacquiao currently leads a rival faction in the ruling party that does not support Duterte’s bid for Vice President in 2022. 

How To Bet On PH Political Elections

Betting on political elections has risen in popularity in recent years, and PH online sports betting sites provide odds for elections worldwide. 

Current PH gambling laws do not forbid Filipinos from betting on the Presidential election of any country; they only state that domestic sportsbooks cannot provide odds for events that happen inside the country. The current laws give offshore online sportsbooks the right to deliver these odds for Filipino bettors.

When Is the Philippine Presidential Election?

The next President of the Philippines will be elected on Monday, May 9th, 2022. While Duterte is constitutionally unable to run for a second term as President, he has toyed with the idea of running for Vice President.

Senator Pacquiao has not confirmed that he is running for President in 2022, but his actions seem to support that he is at least giving it serious thought. 

Many people believe that Duterte will run for Vice President in 2022 to avoid prosecution for the next six years and to pick the next President for the Philippines essentially. President Duterte is massively popular with PH voters, and throwing his support behind a candidate will have good and bad implications.

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