How Liverpool And Real Madrid Can Win The Champions League

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Champion's League Finals 2018

On the one hand, you’ve got the defending European champions looking for a third straight title. On the other hand, you’ve got an inexperienced English team that finished fourth in their domestic league. Based on these facts, you would think Real Madrid has a clear path to victory over Liverpool. However, both teams can walk away victorious if several things are done right.

Madrid has looked a little shaky in some of their performances this season. Their second leg against Juventus resulted in a loss and their semifinal against Bayern had a few points of concern. Even when Madrid play sloppy, they still look pretty good. It is hard to be a bad team with so many individually talented players. The players know what is at stake with this game, so we expect them all to be at the top of their game.

Real’s key to success in this matchup is exposing the young defenders on the wings. Cristiano Ronaldo will be up against a young Alexander-Arnold. Ronaldo, albeit a bit older than the defender, still has pace and a strong dribbling ability. He also only needs about an inch of space to let off his powerful shot off his left foot. Another key matchup is on the right flank with Robertson. The starting lineups are unknown as of this point, but Gareth Bale’s pace would be deadly on the right side. If both him and Ronaldo are coupled together, Liverpool will have a lot of problems.

Another major factor for them is shoring up on defense. The backline must handle Liverpool’s front three. Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Mo Salah have played well together this season and can work wonders off the counter-attack. If Madrid’s backline can avoid moving too far up on the press they will be able to remain strong when a counter breaks.

Liverpool has to not do what they did against Roma. Liverpool managed to get too clogged at the back and invited pressure. You can’t do this against a team like Real Madrid. They simply have too many scoring options available to them. Liverpool must remain strong at the back but well balanced. Holding a high line won’t work either, so it is important the defenders and midfield stay vocal and help each other with matchups.

Their offensive strategy falls to Mo Salah. Salah’s pace will be something to look out for with Marcelo marking him. Madrid is keen to his speed and will likely try and contain him. Liverpool still has Firmino and Sane to run the offense through, but Salah has been scoring goals left and right for the Reds. These three need to work together and be ready to turn defense into offense at a moment’s notice. The counter will be their friend in this matchup.

Most bets are going Real Madrid’s way. The Spanish side has too much talent and experience at this level. It would be foolish to discount Liverpool though, especially based on their Champions League performances thus far. If you are placing a bet, pay attention to the starting lineups. This could affect how fast the scoring commences. Filipino residents can place legal bets on soccer matchups with the use of licensed offshore sportsbooks without fearing legal repercussions.

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