Manny Pacquiao Plans To Run For President in 2022

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Senator Manny Pacquiao

According to Philippine Senator Panfilo Lacson, Manny Pacquiao has plans to run for president in the 2022 National Elections.

Senator Lacson told media outlets that Pacquiao had approached him several times regarding his plans for the election. 

Senator Pacquiao has told reporters that he is not keen on talking politics during the pandemic, stating that the government needs to help its people instead of politics. 

A few months ago, Senator Pacquiao was anointed to the National President of the ruling party PDP-Laban, a stepping stone to the presidency. 

Despite Manny Pacquiao’s immense popularity in the Philippines, not everyone is keen on the idea of his presidency. Some news outlets favor several other candidates, including Senator Chris Bong Go and Sara Duterte, Pacquiao, for the next election. 

Pacquiao and friends

Sara Duterte is an interesting choice giving that her father (Rodrigo Duterte) will be ineligible to run for President in 2022 after completing his term. Sara is the incumbent mayor of Davao City and a career lawyer. 

There has only been one woman President ever elected in the Philippines. Maria Corazon Aquino served as the first woman president of the Philippines from 1986-1992. 

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