NBA2K Esports Pacific Pro-Am Tournament Set To Begin

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FIBA NBA2k Tournament

On August 29th, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) will hold the FIBA Esports Open, an exhibition tournament between National teams in collaboration with NBA2K. This event was made possible to the Philippine national team by Smart Communications (Smart), the Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO), and the eSports National Association of the Philippines (eSNAP). 

The PeSO is made up of several different esports entities from across the Philippines. Together they have been organizing national qualifiers for the tournament to produce the PH NBA2k team. PeSO President Brian Lim told reporters that the PeSO is honored to promote the NBA2K scene across the region. 

The FIBA Esports Open will feature eight teams from across Asia including the Philippine “Playbook Laus Esports” team, Take Over (INA), Goodpass (CHN), Promy (KOR), Team Tekong (SGP), Secret Loves (Hong Kong), the Answer (TPE), and 2KJ (JPN). The event will be available online for live stream on the One Sports Facebook page and at the GG Network TV Facebook page. 

The first round of the tournament will be a best of five series with single elimination. The four remaining teams will then enter the playoffs, where there will be a top-four single elimination bracket. After the first round, the two remaining teams will face off in a best of five Grand Finals for the first-ever NBA2k Pacific Pro-AM Tournament Champion and a cash prize of 10,000 USD.

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