PBA Solidifies “Plan B” If More COVID Lockdowns Occur

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PBA Commissioner

In the capital city of Manila, COVID infections have been on the rise, causing concern for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the ongoing Philippine Cup. 

Despite the recent rise in the new Delta variant of COVID-19, the PBA has a “Plan B” if further restrictions are mandated in the National Capital Region. PBA commissioner Willie Marcial told media sources that the league is working on something just in case. 

While a lot is still unknown, commissioner Marcial said they are talking to concerned parties and are working towards a final plan to keep the season going if more extreme measures are taken soon. 

The PBA is not currently offering any details to their “Plan B” as the league is still watching how the Pandemic task force navigates in the coming days. Marcial also stated that their “Plan B” is to assure the PBA 2021 season goes on.  

Betting On the Philippine Cup

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Betting on the PBA

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