Philippine Sports Complexes Are Being Converted into Coronavirus Hospitals

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Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

A few months ago, a trip to Rizal Memorial Stadium was a spectacle that Philippine sports entertainment fans looked forward to, however, now it will likely be converted into additional COVID-19 facilities to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

The iconic Rizal Memorial Stadium is not the only sports facility being eyed for COVID-19 relief. Another stadium that will likely be converted into COVID-19 relief is the PhilSports Complex in nearby Pasig City. 

Both facilities can house the capacity expected to be needed to provide relief to local hospitals. The Philippine government owns both facilities and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman William Ramirez said he and his staff had anticipated the request due to President Duterte’s recent executive orders. Ramirez told media sources that “These times call for unselfish patriotism “and “this is the sporting community stepping up to bat.” 

The PSC has also taken other steps to ensure the health of its national athletes, including asking all athletes currently living in dorms to go home and quarantine. However, athletes expected to compete in the Olympic qualifying tournaments were not asked to leave. The PSC did, however, draft plans to ensure that remaining athletes are safe and isolated.

As of April 1st, 2020, the Philippines has recorded 1,075 positive COVID-19 cases, but the real number is expected to be much higher as the country, like many others, lacks proper testing materials. 

Betting During Covid

Legal sports betting in the Philippines has all but halted due to the current pandemic and the cancelation of sporting leagues across the islands. There are other betting options, including political betting, esports, and horse betting

After the Coronavirus passes, we will continue to offer our insights to legal sports betting in the Philippines, for now, we ask that you stay home and enjoy the other betting options listed above. Remember, we are all in this together, and together we can make a huge difference in combating the global pandemic. 

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