Legally Betting On NBA Playoff Odds In PH

NBA logoOnce the regular season ends, the NBA Playoffs start off two months of the top pro basketball teams on the planet battling it out for a shot at a league championship. Legally betting on NBA Playoff odds in the Philippines is easy if you have a web-ready device, some funds to wager with, and are at least 18 years old.

Don’t rush into betting on the NBA odds at PH sportsbooks for each playoff game without reading this guide first. The best legal basketball betting sites that offer NBA Playoff odds to online gamblers in the Philippines are covered in this guide. We also provide information on how to sign up with a PH sportsbook, and detail the list of features that new members can expect find after joining an NBA betting site.

Is NBA Playoffs Betting Legal In PH?

Yes! Legal sports betting in the Philippines begins at 18 years old and can be done on laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones from anywhere on the island. These online PH sportsbooks also allow for betting on the Philippine Cup, NFL odds, and all other major sports from around the world.

Filipinos are able to lawfully gamble on NBA odds for playoff games using offshore sportsbook sites that operate in international jurisdictions. While sports gamblers in PH are not allowed to wager at domestic books, Filipino gambling laws don’t apply to offshore betting sites with NBA odds for the playoffs.

Best NBA Playoffs Betting Sites For PH

Site NameCurrent BonusPayout SpeedPHPlay Now
Betonline50% Max $1,00024-48 HoursPlay Now
MyBookie Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,00048 HoursPlay now
Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,00048 HoursPlay now
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Current NBA Playoff Odds 2022

2022 NBA Atlantic Division Odds

  • Brooklyn Nets-350
  • Philadelphia 76ers+425
  • New York Knicks+1300
  • Boston Celtics+2500
  • Toronto Raptors+4500

2022 NBA Central Division Odds

  • Milwaukee Bucks-350
  • Chicago Bulls+275
  • Indiana Pacers+2500
  • Cleveland Cavaliers+10000
  • Detroit Pistons+70000

2022 NBA Northwest Division Odds

  • Utah Jazz-450
  • Denver Nuggets+350
  • Portland Trail Blazers+1800
  • Minnesota Timberwolves+12000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder+70000

2022 NBA Pacific Division Odds

  • Golden State Warriors+130
  • Phoenix Suns+150
  • Los Angeles Lakers+400
  • Los Angeles Clippers+1500
  • Sacramento Kings+30000

2022 NBA Southeast Division Odds

  • Miami Heat-350
  • Atlanta Hawks+500
  • Washington Wizards+850
  • Charlotte Hornets+2000
  • Orlando Magic+70000

2022 NBA Southwest Division Odds

  • Dallas Mavericks-500
  • Memphis Grizzlies+325
  • San Antonio Spurs+4000
  • New Orleans Pelicans+20000
  • Houston Rockets+70000

How To Bet NBA Playoffs Online

Before any online bets can be made on the NBA Playoffs, gamblers in PH must register for an account with one or more of the offshore basketball sportsbooks that are listed on this page. It only takes a few minutes to set up a membership with one of the PH sportsbooks that have made our list of sports betting site reviews:

  1. Locate the “signup” or “join” indicator at the top of the NBA Playoff betting site’s homepage and click on it
  2. Enter account profile information and submit
  3. Deposit funds into your new sports betting account using a wide variety of Philippines friendly sportsbook banking options
  4. Locate the basketball section of the online sportsbooks and find the futures, props, and betting lines for NBA Playoff games then place a wager.

NBA Playoff Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers on outcomes that aren’t included in the standard game line, and can accept action on anything that happens on or off the court. The most common NBA Playoff props are futures odds for the eventual champions of the division, conference, and the entire league.

Once the NBA Playoffs get started, prop bets for each game will appear and can include strange basketball odds for the first player to score, first coach to get ejected, NBA Finals MVP, or any other occurrence with a yes or no outcome.

NBA Playoffs Betting Tips

  1. Don’t Chase The Underdogs – Because moneyline NBA odds for playoff underdogs are so enticing, PH gamblers often focus too heavily on them. It is okay to occasionally bet on an NBA Playoff underdog as a small dollar hedge opportunity, but don’t make a habit of it or your bankroll will suffer.
  2. Be Careful When Betting On Your Favorite NBA Team – When betting on NBA odds, playoff series involving your favorite team is not necessarily a bad idea because of the amount of information accumulated over the course of the regular season. We advise not letting fandom cloud your vision and to think a little harder than you normally would when betting on NBA teams that you’re a fan of.
  3. Protect Your Money – Many have fantasies of raking in a million dollars on a longshot NBA champion, but in reality, basketball betting is a rewarding pastime that is meant to last the entire postseason. Set a 4% max bet of your total bankroll for each NBA Playoff game and you’ll ensure that there’s still some funds in your account to bet on the Finals.

NBA Playoffs Betting Apps

The online NBA betting sites that are listed in the table above allow for Apple and Android devices to make wagers on playoff basketball from anywhere in the Philippines with a connection to the web. NBA odds for each playoff game, plus all other major sporting events occurring around the globe, can be bet on right in your iPhone with these mobile sportsbooks for Philippines bettors, and there is no need for a download.

These NBA Playoff betting apps are not applications, meaning that the latest lines on postseason basketball are just a click away at all times. The best part is, the push button controls operate just like a downloadable app, and make it much easier to navigate than when using a laptop or a PC.

Live Betting On NBA Playoffs

After tipoff, live betting on NBA Playoff games allows for wagers to be made while the clock is running. Live NBA Playoff betting odds will include the point spread, moneyline, and over/under. The NBA odds typically narrow as the game goes on, and at some point near the end, live betting lines are removed.

NBA prop bets are also in-play during playoff games and typically do not expire until an outcome is reached. Just don’t wait until too late in the game to place your live NBA Playoff bets because the odds will be removed from the boards at the bookies’ discretion.