PBA Taking A Break To Support Team Pilipinas’ At FIBA World Cup

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Pilipinas' Basketball


The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has announced that they will be taking a two-week break during the PBA Philippine Cup to support the Pilipinas.

The Pilipinas’ are the national basketball team recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC). In 1913, the team played their first international game against China. In the early years, the Philippine international team dominated the competition. Since then, Philippine basketball has changed several times over. Leagues have come and gone, but basketball has remained a staple sport across the Philippines.

The Pilipinas’ are currently locked in the Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) World Cup with a tournament record of 5-5. The next two games are a must win for the Pilipinas’ if they wish to continue their World Cup journey in China scheduled for September of this year. The Pilipinas’ is currently in the 4th sport of group F.

The team is preparing for their next game against Qatar scheduled for Saturday, February 21st. Qatar is currently ranked last in group F with a record of 2 and 8. Qatar has already been eliminated from advancing in the competition due to how many games back they currently sit.

Japan is currently holding the #3 spot which the Pilipinas’ need to claim in order to advance in the competition. While the Pilipinas’ sit only one game back, they need to win out and hope Japan loses to claim that #3 spot.

To increase their chances of making the FIBA World Cup, the Pilipinas’ have added Andray Blatche to the roster. Blatche is an American/Filipino professional basketball player in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).  In 2005, he was drafted by the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Basketball betting is beloved by many but giving the nature of this competition it will be hard to find betting lines for FIBA games. MegaSportsWorld will likely have odds for the games given that the FIBA tournament is located overseas. Offshore sportsbooks usually do not offer amateur basketball betting lines but you can find game lines for PBA betting.

To show their support for the national team and the sport of basketball across the Philippines, the PBA will take a two-week break following a scheduled double-hitter on Wednesday, February 13th. The PBA basketball season is set to resume on February 27th.

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