Legal Philippine CS:GO Betting Sites

Counter Strike Soldier logoToday, there isn’t a team-based eSports shooting game more popular in the Philippines – or the rest of the world – than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO. As such, CS:GO tournaments and events are watched by hundreds of millions of gamers and fans each year, with many of them betting on the action.

The CS:GO betting scene has been around for a long time, though it’s just now hitting its stride with eSports gambling becoming mainstream. In this guide to legal Philippine CS:GO betting sites, we’ll show you how to lawfully bet on Counter Strike and discuss those sites which rate the best for betting on eSports.

Is it legal to bet on CS:GO eSports in the Philippines?

Yes! Any Philippines resident who is 18 years of age or older can legally bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive or any other eSports game online. Each of the PH legal betting sites below has been reviewed by our staff to ensure safety, security, reliability, fair betting lines, robust eSports gambling markets, guaranteed payouts, and more.

Local betting options in the islands are limited, as Philippine casinos and sportsbooks, like MegaSportsWorld (MSW), don’t offer odds on eSports contests. Additionally, they simply don’t have the infrastructure to offer the thousands of daily wagers across dozens of eSports leagues that our recommended offshore betting sites handle. In addition, the sites below offer numerous sports betting bonuses for Filipino CS:GO gamblers and punters of all stripes.

Best CS:GO Betting Sites for Philippine eSports Fans

Site NameCurrent BonusPayout SpeedAgePHPlay Now
Betonline50% Max $1,00024-48 Hours18+Play Now
Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,00048 Hours18+Play now

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Guide – Bets and Odds Explained

There are a few important details to keep in mind before placing any real-money bets on the most popular eSports FPS in the world. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is played differently from other eSports, and our goal is to you fill you in with the most vital information before you wager on CS:GO eSports.

What is CS:GO?

CSGO screenshotCounter Strike: Global Offensive is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) where two 5-player teams typically compete in a best-of-30-rounds format to determine the winner of a given map.

The team with the most maps won will win the match outright (usually best-of-five-maps). Some CS:GO tournaments have different round/map limits, but this is the most common format employed by the biggest leagues.

Both CS:GO teams take turns playing as the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Players earn in-game money for their performances, which can be used to buy better weapons and equipment for use in the next rounds.

How Is CS:GO Played In eSports?

Counter Strike eSports matches are typically played in a best-of-three or best-of-five series where the first team that wins 16 rounds (and wins by 2 rounds) wins a given map. Matches are usually comprised of 3-5 maps. Tournaments and events are played every day in both the Philippines and several countries around the world.

To win a round as the Terrorists, a team must plant a bomb and detonate it or eliminate all the Counter-Terrorist players. To win a round as the Counter-Terrorists, the team must defuse a planted bomb or eliminate all members of the Terrorist side. Just like in real life!

How Do I Bet On Counter Strike eSports?

To bet on CS:GO eSports, the first step is to choose one of the legal eSports betting sites mentioned on this page, follow the link provided here, and enter the necessary information while signing up. Next, choose the method of deposit and the amount of money you’d like to earmark for betting on CS:GO eSports. We recommend using Bitcoin (BTC) for the best bonuses and same-day payouts, but most sites accept a number of reliable banking options.

Now that you’re all signed up and your account is funded, simply find the CS:GO section under the eSports tab and check out what lines and odds are available on tournaments and events currently being held. Account holders can also bet on other eSports including League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. And as always, you can bet on “regular” sports, too.

Types Of CS:GO Bets

Knowing what each of type of bet on CS:GO actually means is important before placing any money on a betting line. Because sSports and Counter Strike betting lines are different from traditional sports betting lines, we’ve briefly defined the most common bets you’ll see at the most trusted Philippine eSports betting sites we recommend.

  • Correct Score: A bet on the exact outcome of a round or match
  • Match/Round Winner: A bet solely on the winner of a specific match or round
  • Map/Round Advantage: A bet on the margin of maps/rounds won by one team
  • Total Maps/Rounds: A bet on the over/under for total maps or rounds played or won

Understanding CS:GO Betting Odds

Betting odds on CS:GO eSports tournaments and events are frequently on display at the betting sites we’ve listed, but what exactly do these numbers mean? Here is a simple way to understand how eSports odds work when betting.

  • A negative number indicates the favorite side of the betting line and is an outcome more likely to happen. Betting on a favorite costs more money for smaller payouts, which is due to the higher chance of the bet being won.
    • Example: (-200) requires 200 units of money to win 100 units of money.
  • A Positive Number indicates the underdog side of the betting line and is an outcome less likely to happen. Betting on an underdog is more profitable (lower financial risk, higher financial reward) due to the lower comparative chance of the bet being won.
    • Example: (+475) requires 100 units of money to win 475 units of money.

How To Succeed At CS:GO eSports Betting

Making money for simply placing wagers on CS:GO eSports is not as easy as you might think. There are numerous factors in play for each side during every round of every map.

However, because CS:GO offers perhaps the most ways to bet on a match of all popular eSports contests, there are more opportunities to find value and build your bankroll faster than even traditional sports betting can provide. Because you can literally bet on each round won, wagers can be placed roughly every three minutes of a match during live betting.

The key to making money betting on eSports is to not go all in but bet small units – typically 1-2% of your bankroll – for any bet. Indeed, small steps like this are best if you want to trend toward significant profits. Betting your entire bankroll at once and losing is the biggest mistake made by punters who bet casually. Professional bettors have made a great living with this piecemeal approach, and it is a tactic all Philippines eSports betting fans should employ when betting on Counter Strike eSports tournaments.