Sibol Will Represent The Philippines In Esport Competitions At The SEA Games

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National Esports Team

Sibol, which means “growth”, will be the National Esports Team that will represent the Philippines in multiple competitive video games at the upcoming Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games).

ESPN 5 reported that Sibol will compete in all six titles consisting of Dota 2, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang, Bang, and Tekken 7.

The team will employ seven players for each of the team games (Dota 2, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends) and two players for each of the individual competitions (Tekken 7, Hearthstone, StarCraft II).

Top esports players will be invited to the teams training pool where other victorious qualifiers will meet them. Coaches and Managers will be assigned to each game and will help decide the final team roster along with a selection committee.

Top performers will be graded on their skill level of the game as well as their compatibility with other team members. Players with the best overall grade will be awarded a position on the team and will get a chance to win a medal for their country at the event.

The Nationals is an esports league in the Philippines from which most of the top performers will be handpicked. There are currently six teams in the league of professional gamers that compete in various tournaments and other domestic events. The league was formed by a competition called the Road to the Nationals that was open to all Philippine gamers and broadcast on ESPN 5.

The Nationals play three games Tekken 7, Mobile Legends, and Dota 2. Each of the games represents a different category; PC Gaming, Mobile Gaming, and Console Gaming.

Betting on esports has risen over the years, and now Filipinos have access to esports betting lines. Local spots such as MegaSportsWorld has betting lines for international esports events, but to find domestic events, Filipinos must turn to offshore sportsbooks.

The 30th edition of the SEA Games will take place in the Philippines from November 30th till December 11th, 2019. Other new sports included in this year’s competition are:

  • Combat Sports: Arnis, Ju-jitsu, Kickboxing, Kurash, Sambo
  • Team Sports: Floorball, Netball, and Underwater Hockey
  • Individual Sports: Chess, Lawn Bowls, Petanque, Obstacle Sports, and Wakeboarding

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