Call Of Duty Announces 2020 Mobile World Championship

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Call Of Duty Mobile Tournament 2020

For Call of Duty (COD) fans, the action just got real, well, really competitive with cash prizes and in-game cosmetics at stake. The Call of Duty franchise announced that they would be holding a COD mobile eSports competition for Android and Apple users. The tournament will include over $1 million in prizes.

Call of Duty has built a name for itself by offering high-quality first-person shooter games since their debut release in 2003. By 2016, the franchise had sold over 250 million games worldwide and is considered one of the best first-person shooter titles of all time.

In October of 2019, the COD franchise extended its gameplay platform to mobile devices by offering a free download of COD mobile. In the first week of COD mobile, the game received over 100 million downloads making it a breakthrough hit for the franchise.

The COD mobile tournament is open to any player with an in-game ranking of a veteran or higher. The competition will hold qualifiers each weekend from April 30th to May 24th. Eligible qualifiers will be able to sign up in the app, and the first ten ranked matches will earn tournament points. Players must reach 80 points in their ten qualifying matches to reach stage 2 of the competition.

Tournament participants must use an Android or Apple device and cannot use external controllers of any kind unless approved by the Administration that oversees the tournament. While some special conditions may apply, the Administration has the right to investigate anyone deemed in violation of the rules. Players who violate the rules will also be disqualified from any future tournaments.

Joining the mobile eSport competition will result in additional rewards, including registration, progression, and qualifying rewards. Just for entering the competition, you will receive the registration reward. Players who progress in the competition will receive additional rewards.

Stage 2 of the COD mobile tournament will be a team event. Stage 2 qualifiers will have to join teams and play online matches to advance into the later rounds.

Betting on eSports is legal in the Philippines when using online sites located outside of the country. There are currently no odds for the COD mobile tournament, but once teams are selected, the competition is sure to produce betting odds. Other eSports that are typically wagered on include DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and Tekken 7.

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